Sunday, 21 February 2021 18:02

Why I very categorically REFUSE to get treated by "El Tubbo" lardass docs (those that are).

I've had liver trouble for a lot of my life, my friend, 

Elevated blood levels, bilirubin (whatever that is), and other "alarming signs". 

Until the age of 36 or so, and starting I believe 19 ... 

Of course the beer was to blame. Hehe. 

(I dont think so. so said certain nuts who claimed to be "in the know"). 

Certain docs that had bellies expanding so far down their pants you'd wonder how they ever managed to walk to class to complete all those degrees these docs have to (and there are a lot). 

(curiously these same docs overlooked what my lovely wife said i.e. it being "predisposed to an extent" in my family. Of course, the beer was the sole culprit! 

No excuses, really. 

But to those readin this that whine about genetics and "Im a big guy" when they're FAT - yet another wake up CALL for YOU!)

I'd rather someone like my Grandfather who was trim without being skinny till the day he passed on! 

Some of these doctors, really! 

Anyway, they prescribed me meds (which I never took) - told me not to drink beer (which I DID anyway) - told me (perhaps the most surprising of them all) to not go swimming because it "exerts" the liver, and other such ROT. 

yet, none of them spoke about deep breathing and REAL exercise, done right. 

Intense exercise done in spurts, which can (yes, even "that", hehe) literally improve your life and fitness and health BEYOND belief. 

Don't just go by what Paul Braggs, old time strongman and physical culturist had to say about "your breath is your power". 

And what Eugene Sandows said about "movement is life. Once you stop moving, you die". 

And any of the other guys back in the day. 

Go by science if you would!

The results... 

And yet, people despite these docs not exactly being in the best of health themselves put so much faith in them you'd think they were God. 

Dont get me wrong. 

By no means am I saying drink up every night like I used to. 

True, there ARE ways you can still make gains, but I dont recommend that sort of thing (the drinking up - I DO recommend the Jaguar lifestyle, or "cougar" if that suits ya, hehe) long term at all. 

Can't keep burning that candle at both ends. 

But really - the docs would probably get back with "So what! We make money and have degreess!" 

(and I get it - I respect that. I'm a huge Munna Bhai MBBS fan too!) 

And I'd ask them if they could do even half of what they should be preaching exercise wise. 

Or even TEN percent. 

Hell, some of these doctors are so far gone they couldn't do a plank if their life depended upon it. 

I dont know about you - I sure wouldn't want my doc on the phone telling his Mom to order whiskey and stuff for the house - not because of the drink. But because of his own lard ass!

I mean, for Jesus's sake - PRACTICE, my friend, what you preach! 

I was told I'd die by 30 if I "kept my drinking up". 

I increased it. 

I dont seem to have passed on, or anywhere near it post 40, hehe, and dont plan on it either!!

And most of all, the MIND. 

As a customer recently said, the "innate power of your mind". 

None of these docs talk about it, which is a huge mistake. 

Believe me, Emil Coue, French shrink (I couldn't spell pysciatrist, hehe) once said the following. 

"I'm getting better and better every day". 

And repeated with emotion, his patients did get a hell of a lot better, even without extra treatment!

Trust me - the mind does and can an dwill work miracles if you let it. 

Of course, don't be going talking about that to wives and significant others or friends even who will diss you and say "that mind stuff doesn't work!" 

But look. 

This dude I'm talking about had the plague (he tested positive). 

So did his wife. 

And a week or so later, he is fine, but his wife has long term COVID. 

Enough proof right there? 

(He told me when he got it that "there was no way the little bastard would survive against his immune system") 

Damn RIGHT! 


And these men make it all worth it, my friend - truly! 

And thats that - back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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