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"Money is written on your FACE!"

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My lovely (or not, you decide, hehe - and no, yours ain't different either. As Glenn from Australia - a great, great, GREATTTTTTTTTT guy said - I love Aussies in general - stellar DUDES and SAY IT LIKE IT IS REAL MEN! (except for the China tom tomming bozos from there) "they're all sisters living in different houses") wife once was discussing money with me. 

Or the lack of it, according to her. 

I think this was back in ... again, I forget. 

Maybe 2000 something, or really, I can't remember - maybe that same time when those kids pointed at me climbin up the hill and did the "rich foreigner thing" (no, they don't do that to ALL Expats). 

A feeling. 

Every time I go to India, people "react" to me differently - why? 

I'm as Indian as they are (at least outwardly) . . . 

But, there's that "feeling" you get. 

Now, I'll write more about that ... but here's the point of this - I was telling her to calm down (losing battle I know guys) - and there was no reason to panic over a payment that was just "stuck" and not "in" as yet. 

So typical ... 

But then I told her about the instance I told YOU about in the last email (check the blog if you missed it). 

She scoffed, harrumped and humphed. 

Hence what I keep saying about "tell the world what you're going to do, but show 'em first". 

Ole Napoleon Hill, the SAGE of all SAGES along with Claude Brisol "Go, but tell no man!" had it SPOT ON!!!!

And then made the following comment. 

(after she scoffed at people following me despite me not (according to her) having a penny in my pocket). 

"Money is written on your face!" 

Is it? 


But it ain't because of external bling. 

It ain't because I wear 10 gold chains and am a millionaire. 

It ain't because I own 15 cars. I used to drive a beat down ole "Zen" at a certain point in my life (I love ZEN!!!) - but other than that, I've never owned a car, and don't feel any lack for not doing so. 

Cars are losing investments to me, and in China you don't really need 'em. 

Unless, of course, you plan on loonnnnngggg road trips there and adventure and driving WITHOUT A China driving license - and I best shut up now, hehe, or I'll reveal too much. 

Maybe I will in my "forked tongue" ways in future emails. 

Ah, the story, the adventure, the FREEDOM, those skies, that ROAD!

"The miles go by like WATER under the bridge!" 

(remember Sly Stallone in OVer the Top driving trucks?) 

Anyway, he didnt have a woman with him, hehe. That one was uber macho, and I love the movie! 

Still watch it sometimes, if just for the tunes. 

but really, I could write tomes on all this, but the point is this - you RADIATE from INSIDE!

You could be stuck in a dingy hovel in Mumbai for one, and you could STILL be peaceful and happy and not "feel lack" despite plenty around you. 

You could be looking at folks with so called outward accomplishments, and yet, utimately, people gravitate to the person that HAS good energy - that does NOT feel lack - and guess what - THAT is the key to ending ALL your troubles forever - even money troubles. 

No, it won't help you end the China plague. 

But it WILL solve those things you have "control" over. 

Anyway, that's the brain dump for now. 

In the meantime, remember our products are top notch, and if you approach them with a "burn a hole in my pocket" mentality, then hang on to the chump change bro. 

No problem. 

If you really think "its too expensive", then keep thinking that way. 

(don't blame me for attracting lack tho). 

But for those of you that understand the term "stellar and lifelong investment" - go HERE - NOW!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Here is what a great customer had to say about this!

W. T. F. I don't understand either, you're offering a "service" just like a Michelin Starred Chef at a top restaurant, if I want to experience what that Michelin Starred Chef has to offer? I book a table at the restaurant, order from the menu eat my meal and pay the bill whatever it is, after I've eaten I feel satisfied that I've experienced something that not everyone has the opportunity or the means to experience, either I want the experience or knowledge or whatever it is or I don't.
If I do want what is on offer then I pay the price, if the price is too high??? Then I have a choice to make, I have to balance what means the most to me, the experience, knowledge or whatever it is or the money either way the choice is mine.
If I decide the money means more to me than the experience, knowledge or whatever I cannot bellyache later that I've missed out on whatever was on offer and tell the person selling the service that they're wrong for trying to make money from the service on offer.
I cannot understand why some people think nothing of spending a fortune on fine dining, cigarettes, booze or whatever but when it comes to training knowledge and experience those same people expect it to be free, well good luck with that.... 
(I'm chopping part of this for brevity, and including the relevant part) - 
......to the various shit heads who feel aggrieved that because you can find "most" of the things you teach online for free? Then you should not charge for your knowledge, experience or skill either.

Well people if that is true then what is your problem? If you truly believe that you can learn all you want/need to know online, then why are you wasting your time writing and sending stupid pointless emails that achieve nothing and serve no valid purpose, life is just way too short to waste it with this absurd diatribe, if however you realise that you cannot learn everything online and you're ready to "really learn" from a master of his craft, then the name is Mookerjee, Rahul Mookerjee.

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