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The difference between "Id love to..." and "I WANT TO" (or I WANT IT)!

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Words, my friend are indeed powerful. And we should choose 'em wisely!

Those of us "in the know" either consciously or subconsciously do. 

But though I've been in the know on all of this for most of my life, even I've missed certain things. 

Back a few years ago - yes - not that long ago! - I'd think that when someone told me "I'd love to read it!" that they WANTED the book I wrote. 

This happened with 0 Excuses Fitness for one. 

Two people - friends - told me "they'd love to read". 

Years later, they've probably either forgotten they have the book or that they never read it. 

Then there was an idiot who claimed she'd read it and give me a review. 

Another rookie mistake on my part, I admit it. But that was years ago! 

Of course, she did NEITHER. 

And it wasn't necessarily because I "gave it to them for free" or what not. 

True, most of us don't value what we get for free. 

Hence the prices on my product being HIGH. Hence why I STATE it upfront. 

(Of course, a certain select bunch of doers would probably USE free information with gratitude - I did this for years - but anyway, everyone doesnt think that way!). 

My wife and daughter were getting into it the other day, I believe - about my daughter "running her mouth too much" about what she does at home, how good she has it, her ":knowledge" (she knows way more than the average kid her age) and so forth. 

On this one, I support my wife. 

I once told my daughter - well, I have given the analogy in the past - and I did this by putting two glasses right next to each other. 

"Imagine one full and one empty, or sort of empty", I asked her. 

Now, what happens (and I told her she was the full glass) - - I asked her if people keep MOOCHING off the full glass? 

What is mooching, my little one asked, I remember. 

OK, Siphoning! 

She didnt know, so I taught her the meaning. Hehe. 

But anyway, a colleague in China in 2003 once told me the same thing about the "all foreigners are rich" and the locals trying to mooch off them with a "full well and everyone drawing from it until the well itself is DRYER THAN DRY" mentality". 

And when my daughter got it, I told her that most people are just massive ENERGY drains, and therefore, while it's fine to socialize and fraternize, it's NOT OK to tell everyone, and indeed most people - your goals, desires, dreams etc. 

"There's a lot of Bozos out there", I finished off with. 

"Dad, can't you ever use language for kids", she scolded me. 


But she repeated the Napoleon Hill saying of "Tell the world what you're going to do but show it first" and then asked me "Why I kept repeating it". 

And I repeated the Claude Bristol saying of "Repetition of the same chant, the same affirmations, the same incantations, lead to belief and once that belief becomes a deep conviction, things begin to happen!

Some of the best education you can give your kids other than the rot they fill their brains is stuff like this. 

Anyway, back to wording. 

Now, the "I want it". 

EVERY time a custome rhas said "I want it" - they have DONE it. 

John Walker from the UK once said "I want to own all the book". And I've no doubt someday he'll DO IT!

People use words often without being conscious of it, but even those that know the difference and dont mean one but say it as if they do - well - sorry, but the VIBE shines through. Everything you say and write has a huge VIBE coming off it!

And thats why you see "I WANT IT" "NOW" as the order buttonfor all my courses. 

I dont want wishy washy lukewarm idiots with "I'd love to read it" because they never will. And if they get the course, they will never USE the information in it. 

Instead, thats what I want To REPEL. 

And I think I'm doing a pretty good job of doing that. 

And if you after reading this consider yourself a DOER in life - and are so pumped you can't wait to get "some" - then go HERE, my friend. 

And I'll see you!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Again, that link is HERE. GEt you some now and get cracking TODAY.