Friday, 05 March 2021 05:53

When you KNOW you're serious about FITNESS!

Do y'all on the list remember an ex girlfriend from way back in the day in New York that was traveling with me back to the ole "Sip" if you get my drift? 

(Mississippi, for those that don't) 

We were flying, as opposed to the Greyhound we took on the way UP THERE. 

And the first thing, of course, I did when moving out of my apartment was give, give, give. 

There was a lot of stuff we had bought (women seem to want to buy the whole damned store every time they shop!) that we hardly ever used - and we gave most of it away to (oddly enough up there in a little bitty town in NY State) to our Indian neighbors. 

Dude wouldn't take the beer though! 

So we had Miller Lite literally sitting in the garbage dumpster, hehe. 

"Sad day", as a friend Rueben said. 

Hey, I couldn't take those 30 packs on the plane, and I sure couldn't drink 'em all befor ethe flight either. 

It's funny though. 

I got a notice once from the management in that complex and a hefty FINE too for "disposing of a package" in the wrong dumpster or something. 

I think I got something delivered, didnt shred the damn package or what not as the rules were, or whatever. So long ago, I can't remember!

But it's funny. 

The Communist Republic of NY has it's own rules, but as you can tell (those on the list for a while) from the notices yours truly once received in China for - get this - dumping beer bottles in the TRASH CAN - Commie dictatorships are a kind unto themselves. 

Oddly enough the ladies (and guys) dumping dirty diapers and empty packs of "fags" right on TOP of the damn bin, they're too lazy to open the lid apparently didnt and doesnt' get censured though ... 

And of course, the great notices Bozo Schofield received for tossing beer "bottling" out of his 11th floor apartment and "bringing women of ill repute back home to lick you know what". 


(I wonder what those poor ladies though. Bozo was a kind even they probably never saw before, and a step "down" for even THOSE ladies!). 

But anyway ... 

So the pink dumbbells. 

I bought a set for the girlfriend during our 6 month stay in NY. 

Of course, she never used 'em even once. 

And they sat there, looking pretty. 

When we were overweight, they were the first things to get tossed out. 

Security said "put in your handbag" if you want. 

"Nah", I said. "We don't want 'em" ... 

The girlfriend started whining about "but those are my pink dumbbells" - and I didnt think that was the time and place to remind her how utterly USELESS They were, and how she had never USED Them int he first place. 

So off we went ... 

But it's funny. 

I remember other instances of being "overweight" on flights. 

One time I carried 45 kgs on a flight out of China to India (this was in 2005 I believe) - when the limit was 30. 

Gotta love Cathay, and the ferry terminals that either never check or say "they'll handle it in HK". 

Of course, Hong kong doesn't handle it either, being "they were supposedt o handle it in China". 

Ah, the travel tips. LOL. should I write a book on that too? 

(Actually, I've got some pretty good travelogues written, but I haven't put them in book format as yet. ) 

(laptop, and all that) 

But anyway ... another instance where I was overweight. 

And my jump ropes which weighed a bomb were the first to go, or so said the cute little gal behind the "Dragon Air" or whatever plane that was. 

No way! 

I tossed my clothes. 

It was winter, I believe then. 

And I tossed some heavy woolens etc. 

"This guy is NUTS", the girls were thinking as they giggled politely. 

That I AM!

But I didnt want to lose my weighted jump rope! 

And to me, thats really what shows if you're serious about training - whether you do it with equipment or not. 

When you're moving, you take special care to move your training stuff well. 

On flights etc , you toss OTHER things away if you need to. 

And, so on and so forth. 

I dont know if this makes sense to you on the list, but it does to me. 

Anyway, onto other things - Lumberjack Fitness (along with a cute little course on handstand pushups with variations I have NOT covered before) are the next two courses that will hot off the RahuL Mookerjee press. 

Once I get a computer that "stands the test of time", hehe. 

And in the former book, you'll have me telling about training with all the implements you can think of. 

Heavy stones. Heavy bags. Rocks. Bottles. Gada. Jori. Chains. And (no, Bozo Schofield, no "whips and chains" here sorry) ... 

And many more I will not detail for now. 

Be looking for that course in a few weeks for now. I dont have the sales page up as yet for pre-orders, but will soon. 

And be looking for the cutie course on handstands too. 

Hey, I might well name it that, hehe. 

And in the meantime, those of you looking to build brute strength like the above things imply - pick up Barnstormer Shoulders HERE

Or, some of my great books on pull-ups, and DEFINITELY These two - Pushup Central - and Jump Rope Mania - and Advanced Hill Training - And Animal Kingdom Workouts!

They're truly ALL must have products. 

Get to it NOW ,bro. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - For inspirational fitness recollections like this one - go here

PS #2 - If TRAVEL interests you, especially in the mighty Himalayas that I went to SO often back in the day, let me know, and I'll see what I can do! Not in the plans as of now I must admit, but I've got some many travelogues and tips and advice on that that I'm going to put it out in a book very soon! So much to do, so little time, hehe.