Saturday, 06 March 2021 08:02

When to be a sentimental shamus

Or sentimental anyone, so listen UP. 

Yours truly is probably one of the most sentimental folks out there, especially when it comes to old books, old authors, writers, exercise, fitness, sometimes old women (usually not - and by "old" I dont mean age, I leave the hags to the Bozo, hehe) ... 

... and the exact opposite when it comes to many other things, jobs being one (where I got a steady salary, sometimes gobs of it). 

Gobs aren't the topic of this email tho - well, gobs of sentiment are. 

And way too often, you hear of folks "holding on to the past" in the name of sentiment, my friend. 

I once knew an old couple whose son had passed on (in a war that most of you probably have never thought about). 

And though he had been "gone" for years and years and years, the old lady still kept his room exactly as if her son was right there. 

Made his bed. 

Kept his pictures in "just the right spot". 

His clothes folded. 

And so forth. 

A perfect mother, and a doting one at that ... except, it didnt let her MOVE on. 

And it affected HER - the "living" as it were. 

This theme has been used to great success in movies - a recent one being an idiotically acted movie where a couple keeps re-enacting their daughter's death, even though it happened years ago - or in GREAT books - Pyscho Cybernetics gives you a similar example I believe - or a book I'm currently reading "The Guilty are Afraid". 

The incomparable James Hadley Chase, a salesman par excellence in additon to bestselling author (the two usually go together) and probably a fitness champ too gave me the Sentimental Shamus title. 

A dick and (no, Glyn, not that dick) and a cop are in a hotel, the cop "hates old fogies that come to hotels and poke their nose where it doesn't belong" (I can relate - HA!) - and the dick responds with a wry "Don't knock it. You'll get old someday too. There's a reason they live in hotels!" 

And so forth ... 

But anyway, sentiment. 

And you dont necessarily gotta be a shamus either. 

There is a time and place for it - and a time and place to LET GO. 

One part of my life I haven't and will never let go is my workouts, all out there ALONE either in blazing heat, or pouring rain, or biting COLD - or a combo and more - on the hill. 

Or anywhere, really. 

My 500 pushup workouts. 

My unique Battletank workouts ... 

And many, many others ... 

And the MEMORIES associated with them - truly inspirationa!!

And of course, on that note, if you TOO are as sentimental about 0 Excuses Fitness and Rahul Mookerjee as I am - fitness wise - then you'll want to get your hands on the Collector's edition of Fast and Furious Fitness

No, it's nothing you haven't seen in 0 Excuses Fitness, but really ... 

... it's the FIRST BOOK I wrote on fitness. 

And that alone, to me makes me want to drop the offer and just keep the few remaning copies ... just for old times sake. 

But I am not - I am passing it on to YOU - so if you WANT it - let me know - but remember - time BE limited. The clock be ticking, and once these are gone, they're GONE - with the wind, so to speak. 

And so am I - fo rnow. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Get old someday? Well, we ALL will. Key is to age like you never aged, my friend. And the right sort of physical activity is how you do that. 

Get you some HERE