Friday, 12 March 2021 06:38

That sheer feeling of ABUNDANCE ...

If there is one subject that people grip about the most, my friend it is this - MONEY. 

Yet, if I were to tell you that most, if not ALL millionaires, or even those you might consider succesfull didnt just start out with less than a pot to piss in. 

They started out, my friend, FEELING like millionaries when the "zeros" in the bank account didnt quite show it (the opposite, actually). 

Ask ANY one of them, and you'll see. 

I've been saying this for years - capture the winning FEELING - and you're off to the races no matter what. 

No, the economy doesn't matter. Neither does the plague from China, and no, money is not "tight" and NO, being "broke" isn't as much of a reality as you THINK (regardless of what the vast majority of folks reading this might think). 

Yours truly has always lived in the flow, and had a life of plenty, and no, I wasnt "given" that life. The opposite, actually! 

But really, I don't get it. 

I hear people gripe all the time about money, money money. 

Perhaps to a degree it makes sense in the recession we're facing now - according to the sh-news, at least - I dont believe in using such silly idiotic terms - but people gripe about money in the best of economies and the worst. 

I've made no secret of the fact I laugh at those who consider my books and products "expensive" or what not, but this isn't about that. 

This is about the FACT that men's minds above anything else create "hard times" - recessions - and the like. 

If you THINK right - things will be RIGHT. 

And the sheer feeling of abundance and gratitude I'm feeling right now for a seemingly tiny thing is beyond compare, and made me write this email to you. 

Of course, we're not back up to speed on email, so for now, it's only the ultra faithful that will see this. 

But you'd think that email being my primary source of "abundance", and that being choked off due to reasons completely beyond my control (temporarily - we should be back up to speed sometime next week) I'd be fretting etc. 

Not so, my friend. Ive never felt better!

LAst year in October, I believe, one of my sites for the other business was taken down - again, reasons out of my control. 

A month later it was back up. 

Like nothing ever happened. 

There is a reason, my friend, I mention the tale of Edison in Zero to Hero, where his lab - UNSINSURED, much like yours truly - burned down one night. 

His wife was devastated. 


"So what", he replied. "We'll rebuild the next day!" 

THAT, is the attitude my friend - and no, it doesn't mean he didnt "care". 

He cared way more than most people would have. 

Except, he channeled it RIGHT and eventually years later, came out on top. 

And was remembered and is as a GREAT for the ages. 

Alright, my friend. 

In those words above lies the key to success - - at ANYTHING. 

See if you can find it, and make sure to pick up Zero to Hero NOW. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Newbies, for some reason are still getting the emails, but the regular list isn't. Worry not, will be sorted soon. Emails from the site should also be going fine, so if you're buying something, which you SHOULD, as that DISCOUNT is waiting (though I dont know, I might pull it very soon) ... do so NOW, and remember - the products are YOURS to download immediately for those of you that want the e-books! 

(Paperbacks, do shoot me an email and "let me know" after you pay and Ill do what is required).