Saturday, 13 March 2021 09:30

Why I LAUGHED at the person who goggled at me for "giving my laptop away" for FREE - i.e. how COULD I?

A perfectly working Toshiba at that, one that is FAR better than this "new" laptop I've been using for less than a fraction of the time (although to be honest, WInblows has a lot to do with it crashing etc). 

But anyway, let me back up. 

You on this list know the sigh of relief - and the SHEER JOY AND HAPPINESS that washed over me towards the end of Feb, when I gave away two items. 

An old camorder. 

A perfectly functional laptop. 

To a CHARITY no less. 

They plan on using it in schools etc. I dont know, but I knOW for a fact they'll do something good with it. 

For a long time, I hung on to to both for sentimental value. 

One, I bought when I had my FIRST JOB. 

And two? 

Well, that laptop was where many of my products were created, released and sold! 

For a long time I held on to them. 

This year, I released them - because it was TIME to, for various reasons. 

Like I said, the sense of happiness I felt at giving it away was beyond none. 

Now, these guys didnt take clothes etc. 

And today, as I gave a CRAPLOAD of perfectly GOOD clothes away (which I no longer wear due to some odd reason) - I felt much the same - 9 out of 10 (but a lot of that 9 is because I'm exhausted from a tough workout and the guy interrupted me during writing, heh - or it would be 10). 

Nothing if not canny is the dude, an he repeatedly asked me if I had an old laptop lying around. 

Or shoes. 

Or cameras!

IT was like he was reading my mind. 

But either way, I laughed at him twice. 

First, for the old shoes part. 

"Dude, why would I keep those? If I dont wear, if they ain't useful to anyone, I'd TOSS 'em", I told him. 

"But you can get something for them", he went on. 

"I dont want it". 

I handed him a crapload of old DVD's and my old DVD player. 

Here, take it, I said. 

HE goggled, and took it, scarcely able to believe his luck. 

"I dont give anything that anyone else cannot use", I said. 

He didnt believe me, and then asked about the laptop - again. 

"I've already given it away", I said. 

I then explained the how's of how I did it. 

He shrugged. 

"For how much", he asked, as if it was the most routine thing to ask. 

Nothing, I replied. 

He asked again. 

"For freeeeee??": he goggled. 

Then he badgered me for phones, and I said I ain't got any old one lying around to give. 

Actually, I do. 

One of them. Which I don't and will never use, but which I have other plans for. 

Finally as he went, I'm writing this to you, and why ? 

One, this is nothing against those that prefer to hold garage sales rather than "give". 

Or "exchange". 

Or, sell on She-bay or what not. 

I'd rather just give though for the most part, and there is a damn good reason behind this. One sentiment, and one decidely NOT SO. 

And second? 

Fitness wise, do you understand NOW why I give you SO much - and yet ask so little in return? 

You on this list are literally getting value beyond compare, my friend. 

quite literally. 

And the reason I do it - is well, what I've mentioned above, and even the FREE stuff you get from me, my friend will propel you along the path to greatness - if you LET IT. 

And part of "letting go" is letting go of what you have in your wallet to get something GOOD for it - something of VALUE. 

Way too FEW people are willing to do that, especially these days, when panic runs rampant. 

And as I told this dude I never wear a mask (he did) - he goggled again. 

Sage, those looks! 

But anyway,  if you're one of the select few that doesn't constantly see money flying OUT (and whines about how "my money just keeps disappearing") - rather, the opposite - and KNOWS when there is VALUE For the taking at a "cost that is WAY too LESS", then start by investing the Rolls Royce of Fitness right here, bro. 

And write back - and tell me how you do! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - PIck up another product or two while you're at it. Remember, there's a discount A AWAITING! 

(and remember, I'm going to pull the discount by next week, probably Monday MORNING bright and early - therefore, do what the smarties are DOING, and get your thang on NOW.).