Sunday, 14 March 2021 08:17

The difference between an APE and a real follower.

NO disrespect towards the ape - pound for pound, one of the mightiest animals there is, my friend. 

Do the Bozos at the "Jim Shim" know that if a baby chimp were to take your finger and SQUEEZE, you'd scream like a little baby (an adult would?). 

Yes, I dont care if you can bench Manhattan either!

And ape like upper body strength is what you should aspire to - and what my courses, modeled in part on what the mighty APE does is what Battletank Shoulders - and Pull-ups - from STUD to SUPER STUD - within WEEKS! give you! 

And of course, my best book ever most likely - Animal Kingdom Workouts (this one is another must grab NOW - remember that discount BE ticking). 

But I've written a a lot about copying yours truly as of late? 


Yes, I think I have! 

Rightfully so, but here is the thing. 

Yours truly makes no pretensions of the fact he TOO had to learn - somewhere. Someplace. 

He too - put in the hard yards, and still does. 

Sure, he learned on his lonesome, but it's still learning! 

And he did ALL he could to learn from those he aspires to BE - or "used to aspire to be" in whichever field. 

No I ain't talking money either. 

There is more to it than that, bro. 

And here is where most people get it WRONG. 

When they see something they LOVE - they COPY. 

Yet, copies are never authentic my friend. 

The TRUE YOU - the REAL, UNFETTERED YOU is what is authentic and what ultimately DOES THE TRICK. 

And the difference between copying and truly DOING while following lies in not just bettering the Master at something (I want all my students and great customers to do this!!) ... it's FOLLOWING. 


Following the right way. 

You LEARN fromthe other person while remembering that as Dr Maltz said in Pyscho Cybernetics, you are YOU - no-one else!


And this, my friend is the KEY most people miss. 

Incorporate this into your life today, and watch how things start to CHANGE - FOR YOU! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Fitness wise, this is why I don't hand hold and molly coddle. I give you the tools and workouts to succeed, but only YOU can succeed, my friend. YOU have to tailor things to YOUR own "tastes" and remember that "not one size fits all". Enough said! 

PS #2 - And if you're one of the ones being copied and trolled and therefore hated because "the haters can't DO" - well - ENJOY - THAT is a sure shod sign of success, or getting there, more than anything else, hehe.