Sunday, 14 March 2021 11:51

Message to Bozo Schofield and his posse

For a change, I won't "wax lyrical". 

I'll let the customers speak for themselves -which I often do, of course in reviews etc ... 

And THEN you'll hear my thoughts on this. 

Anyway, ever since Amazon removed the "reply to commenter" button on Amazon (I guess they did that out of fear of "customers going direct to the source", or perhaps troll replies to real comments, or both - I don't know) ... lots of people have been wanting to message the Bozo if just to toy around with him a little. 

Rahuls' bunny he truly is, hehe. Albeit a rather nasty and smelly one with weird preferences! 

Anyway, on the topic of troll reviews, and such which I've been really enjoying (The Bozos make me a lot of sales), here is what a customer John from the UK had to say on the topic (we were discussing, and I brought this up in an email prior to this "why Amazon allows trollish reviews") ... 

Hello Rahul

It would appear that amazon lacks the conviction to really vet who is and who isn't a genuine customer, could this be an example of the belief that there is no such thing as bad publicity? 
As you and I have previously discussed this you already know my thoughts of "reviews" as I've said before, I couldn't give a flying fig about anyone's "opinion" the fact is when I see a negative "one star" review I immediately sense that there is some kind of an agenda behind it, especially when the reviewer feels they need to point out that the book has typographical errors, "get a bloody grip".
I have read hundreds of books and I've yet to read a single book that didn't have at least one typo, so what? Who cares? What bloody difference does it make? All that matters is does the book contain the information that you seek, does it teach you something you did not know before? I buy books to learn something not to check if the author managed to write the book without making any typographical errors or spelling mistakes.
If all that you care about is whether or not a book has any kind of errors, then you're not really interested in the book and what it can teach you, you're just an agenda driven moron who's got nothing better to do with your time.
Rahul, if you choose to put this to use:-  This is my message to all the arseholes out there that deliberately write bad agenda driven reviews in the hope that people will believe what you say and not make a purchase just because "you say" it's not worth it.
Give it up, you're fooling no one but yourselves if you think that people cannot see through your obvious bias and know that you're full of shit!!!
Warmest Regards
Amen, John - and he's just given away (or everyone with any sense knows it, at least - Dejon, real strongman was thrilled when we discussed the Bozo and his obsession with yours truly - "The Glyn files must be great for sales", he said, hehe, and he is right!) the reason I keep talking about all the time about the Bozo like reviews, and why I enjoy them, except he's done it in a great manner, a very down to earth and REALISTIC manner! 
Kudos John! 
Yours truly ... 

Hey John

Indeed, often times there is no such thing as bad publicity especially when it's people like Glyn "the Braying Jack-loves-ass" Schofield with an obvious bias/agenda/axe to grind - I'm having great fun with the Bozo today as you can tell. He keeps trolling, and I keep "bunnyin" him back which he of course hates, but as far as Amazon is concerned, I'm not sure why they have that sort of policy. Obviously any serious book seller would want only buyers to leave reviews,  but then of course you have people that may have "borrowed" books that want to review it?

I dont know, if I were Amazon on this one, I'd only allow BUYERS to review, even if those reviews are trollish reviews, at least the person bought 'em, so they have "some basis" to review, as it were ... but apparently Amazon doesn't feel that way!

So maybe it's "any review is a good review" ultimately, if not for the buyer or (and) writer, then for Amazon at least. No idea, like I said, if I was running a book site - and indeed on my own site, I do NOT allow anyone that has NOT bought to leave reviews, but then again, thats just me!

And yes, I completely agree - if someone is buying the book to "prove the author wrong on something" - like the Bozos do - then their opinion truly does not count, because neither is factual, nor is it any way realistic. Information products at the end of the day are there to provide INFO, not "look purdy" as it were, and like you said, if the books provide more and newer info than anything else out there, then that is what counts!

Well said - and I'll post this on the site soon enough - thanks for sending it over!

On that note, Bozos aside - did you see the latest "real" review for Battle Tank Shoulders from Charles Mitchell, a long term customer of mine? I loved it - now thats why I do all this! (you guys are what make it all WORTH it at the end of the day).

Keep up the great work - and the "advanced book on pull-ups" is WAITING For you! ;) (i.e. whenever you're ready)



And that, my friends, truly is THAT . . . 
Sometimes, I can't say it any better!! 
And, Bozo Schofield, you truly are well on the way to your goal of becoming the laughing stock of the century - international Bozo at that, hehe. 
Rahul Mookerjee
PS - Grab the advanced book on pull-ups - you, the real and serious trainee will - LOVE IT!!!!!!
PS #2 - Here is another email the Bozo wrote me (note the "get a grip" part) 

Please stop writing about me and get a gorilla grip, otherwise myself, Chuck and others will be paying you a visit


Poor Chuck. Poor Bozo. They have NO IDEA. LOL!

(anyway, serious trainees, DO get a Gorilla Grip...) 

 PPS - Last, but not least, I do check books for typos etc, but there might be the RARE one - nothing like in my Tai-Po Riden EmailZ though, hehe. 
I still remember a great Editor I worked with in 2014 Steve - - but even those guys sometimes miss it. Hey. We're all human, hehe. 
But seriously, yeah, I do check books for typos etc. Not that it matters either way!