Monday, 15 March 2021 06:12

Do I do "F ALL"?

Bender Blowfield, Bender Blowfield. . . 

LOL. (I almost said "come here, boy!" but he might like that. Ewwwwwwww. But, if I wanted to, I could refer him to some Dominas in the UK, but they might want money which the Bozo doesnt have .... LOL). 

Anyway, here's the latest (this is part of an email I wrote about last night). 

I worked for charities too and I was on TV and movies too.

Cuck never said I did anything wrong to anyone. I win awards for charity work whereas you do F All.

Now, we've covered the TV/movies part before, so I won't get into it here. Hehe.Basically the Bozo paid to be on some stupid commercial where a chinese lady was flushing a "fat phock" down a washing machine to "clean the clothes" or some rot. I pity the machine if the Bozo was actually put into it!

The Chinese have the most wierd and openly racist ads though. There was one where a fair skinned woman was putting a black dude in a washing machine and he came out "white". That caused quite the stir! 

"We no racist". 

Yeah. Right. 

True story that on the commerical - Google's your friend if you want to go Raegan on me, and "trust but verify".  

But, as far as the "Cuck" is concerned, he meant Chuck. He didnt mean Chuck was a cuck, I'm assuming, but given he used the word so liberally throughout his entire beer bender sodden email (the subject line was "Cease, Cuck! How dare you!") 

No, I'm not lying for those that cannot stop laughing. I Can't either - this guy is truly the REAL DEAL in terms of utter insanity. 

But it's interesting. 

A customer and me (well, three of us actually - there was another guy asking) were talking about Einstein's definition of insanity. 

Yes, I read Charles's review on Battle Tank Shoulders, it is good to see that others have reached the same conclusion about the book that I have but then again being a genuine customer I wouldn't have expected anything less, I cannot think how any right minded person could have come to a different conclusion than either Charles or I.
How can anyone trust a review by anyone who has not actually purchased what they are purporting to review, that just does not make any kind of logical sense and I agree totally that amazon has got this wrong but given how massive amazon is this is unlikely to change anytime soon as it does not affect amazon in any meaningful sense.
What does it take for these goons to realise that anyone with half a brain can see right through their antics? For the life of me I cannot understand what they think they're achieving, from everything I've seen so far they're "definitely not" achieving what they hoped for indeed the reverse seems to be the case and yet they still persist, I agree with Einstein in this regard "continually doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of madness".
Yours truly - 

Hi Again John

Yes, I completely agree - any serious DOER and anyone that has any real knowledge of fitness (he, like you, used to be into martial arts) would come to the same exact conclusion in terms of Battletank Shoulders and the other books - that they deliver, above and beyond "par exellence" as it were, which is yet another reason I am uber confident about "backing my stuff 100% and then some" if you get my drift . . .

The trolls, well, they get some perverse satisfaction from "dragging others down to their level " or trying to, but they're so stupid yes that when confronted with someone that fights back x 1000 with them, they go into "self destruct" mode more so than normal, which as you can tell is happening with the Bozo right about now given the madness emanating from him (his most recent rants are loony to the extreme even by his non existent standards, haha).

Now in terms of Amazon, they do put a "verified purchase" tag next to those that have actually bought the book (I think this holds for just the e-books though) but yeah - it isn't really that helpful since they allow anyone and everyone to post reviews. But yeah, it is what is it in that regard! You may actually be right in "any publicity" can be good, so in that regard, probably good for Amazon either way which is likely why they have that policy, and likely why (if you have noticed) they have removed the "reply to comment" feature they used to have (it went away this year) . . . (they were probably worried customers were going direct to the source, as you are now, though honestly, I dont get it there either - one could argue "the more the merrier" in terms of madness/comments, but hey, like you said - - it's Amazon! LOL).

With regard to Einstein's definition of insanity, thats an interesting one! Often times the reverse holds true for those actually trying to accomplish something i.e. persistence usually breaks and shatters ALL barriers - - but yes, when it comes to banging one's head against the wall and expecting a different result, that IS insanity ... but then again, these nuts aren't exactly the most logical to begin with, hehe.

Keep training hard!




That was an interesting conversation! 

But let's see, the Bozo doing charity? 


He sent me an odd picture of him sitting round a table drinking beer with some equally odd looking folks from the Phillippines. One of those "shacks". 

Apparently the Bozo shacked up in the shack until Charles gave him the money to return to infest the UK. 

It's interesting though and more on self projection, the Bozo used to accuse other dancing monkeys of "flaunting their passports" to get jobs. 

(I still remember him going nuts on a baijiu fueled bender (engine oil fueled) accusing some dude "Andy" going by the nick name of Americana doing this. Weird! That guy didnt even work ESL from what I knew!) 

(Not everyone is a dancing monkey like Schofield is, hehe)

Yet, his email tom tommed his own passport for whatever reason. 

"UK passport! I dont need visas anywhere!" 

Well, goodie. I wonder why he felt the need to prove that? LOL. 

But charity

I dont know, his bald dome aside, there wasn't any evidence he could even support HIMSELF, let alone do charity. 

PRobably drove the poor shack dwellers insane too! 

But anyway, the definition of insanity is what I want to cover (finally, hehe) - - as well as doing "F all". 

Lets see. 

Over 35 books here, over 82 on the other site, and over 3000 or so blog posts - and so much writing that most people wouldn't be able to get it done in a lifetime, and WORKOUTS - and tinkering with them - my coaching calls - usual family drama etc - and then of course, my travels all over the world. 

And my OTHER busines interests ... 

ANd thats just off the top of my head, bro. I'm not even getting into web development and the rest of it . . . 

But the "do F all" is a familiar refrain from me, and one I've heard from others as well (no prizes for guessing who). 

People that actually themselves do "F all" and then self project. 

What I do my friend is I work SMART. 

You may think I'm just "sitting there and doing nothing", but THOUGHT moves mountains. 

And once I move, I move with the speed of a jungle cat (indeed, my buddy from the Marines once told me "Rahul, you've got the instinct and reflexes of a wild cat!") and I make MONEY. 

Lots of it, if I so choose, and I do so without mooching around with jobs etc or other Bozo like thinking that the masses have been fed to believe. 

Fitness wise, you too can do the same, my friend. 

Train HARD - and smart - not necessarily for Bozo like donkey's years (he apparently went for 10 mile walks or some such nonsense which he did perhaps once a year - I could tell by the wheezing etc on the dumbphone!) . . . 

And get RESULTS. 

Do things my way, my friend, and you'll start to get the results I do. 

And always remember, persistence wins out bro. 

No matter what. 

So if you're been working these exercises hard ,and haven't yet seen the results you want - give it time. 

It'll come - if you let it - and when it does - you'll be BLOWN away. 

Alright, this has gone on for long enough, so I'm out. For some reason I've done long form emails today! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - If having the fitness, strength and REFLEXES of a jaguar in the wild, or wild cats in general "turns you on" - get Advanced Hill Training right NOW, my friend. This is another one of those gems a lot of people ignore. And again, please. No "it's too expensive" and price refrains. Just as you woudn't mention price when you talk Rolls Royce or Jaguar, it's futile, idiotic and STUPID to wail about price on this course. Truly a gem, truly priceless. 

Just do it!