Tuesday, 16 March 2021 06:57

What the Indian wrestlers of yore knew about the value of (so called) "easy training" and what the wackos and price shopping idiots do NOT, and never will.

An idiot from Italy recently wrote in with regard to Isometric and Flexiblity Training. 

A true pisser and moaner this idiot was. 

"Just simple static bodyweight stretches!" was the theme of his comment (this idiot apparently forgot to look up the very definition of Isometrics). 

"The photo quality is unwatchable!" 

And of course, the REAL "stinker" for him - and the common thread in ALL of the Bozos (worldwide) rant's. 

"Never all of this for 46 Euros!" 

The entire sh-view is posted on Amazon, and no, I will not "ask for it be taken down". I've said this before, and I'll say it again. Some monuments to idiocy - shall - REMAIN. 

For all to see and titter at. 

But anyway, I dont know what he wanted in a book on Isometrics - a Steven Spielberg movie starring Sylvester Stallone, pumped, preened and posing? 

(like in the Specialist, hehe). 

BTW, Sly is a great - don't get me wrong - there are few men I admire more, but even he'll be the first to tell you just how unhealthy his own training regimens were back in the day, but the stretches they show in the Specialist are at least worth watching, if nothing else. 

(and Stone's legs. Hehe). 

Anyway, when I say Indian wrestlers of yore, I mean real wrestlers. 

I do not mean the WWE! 

Those guys are great guys, super entertainers, and Ive often said there was nothing better than the WWF(E) back in the day, and the Attitude Era. 

Vince mc Mahon is a GENIUS. 

I love the WWE! 

But those guys - a lot of them have real wrestling background, especially the old timers like the "Hitman" Bret Hart and such, but the end produt is showbiz and showboating which makes a ton of moolah. IT ain't real wrestling tho. 

Anyway, I was watching a segement on Indian wrestling last night, in order to check up on some facts I already know, but just making doubly sure. 

Training with clubs and maces will be part of Lumberjack Fitness which is an upcoming book. 

And Indian wrestlers do this all the time, so . . . 

I was spot on in what I wrote (won't be revealed now). 

But I was amazed - and not - to see that what these wrestlers do a lot of times - indeed, some of their signature moves were exactly what I teach in Isometric and Flexbility Training! 

One legged work. 

ROPE climbing (not taught in that book, but it is one of the best things you can do for yourself). 

The Hindu pushup "static stretch". 

And many others. 

Do you know what the Great Gama, undefeated in God knows how many matches (nah - I know - check it out here) did for isometrics? 

He pushed against a giant tree, my friend. 

That is all. 

And when you have idiots saying "it's too easy" - when you give them something MORE advanced than what the Greats did ? 

You simply feel the need to pick 'em up and throw 'em out of the window, hehe. 

I don't do that, of course. 

But thats why the PRICES are high for what I offer, and will only go UP. 

Case in point being Animal Kingdom Workouts - a book whose sheer value for money is unrivaled by ANY fitness course out there, including my own. 

And of course, the vast majority of people weep about "money". 

"It's too expensive". 

So be it, my friend. 

If learning the secrets of the old timers is something you put a price upon, do so. 

And continue to live a life of frustration and obscurity in terms of fitness, and indeed life itself. 

But for those that realize that TRUE value is PRICELESS - well - go HERE - and grab the course before the price goes up. 

Believe me, when I say something goes up, it does, hehe (unlike the Bozos's non existent qiu dian). 

And thats it from me. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Another course that is truly spectacular and without PARALLEL is Pushup Central. GEt your mitts on it NOW if you so choose. 

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