Tuesday, 16 March 2021 10:20

Why it is more important - IMPERATIVE - to make damn sure you win the WAR instead of the BATTLE, and why vendettas should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.

Yall on this list know that when bodyweight exercise fanatic, fitness Guru and indeed many others things "el supremo", Rolls Royce "best of the best" style says something - he damn well means it. 

And I'll tell you right now, that ... I'm ... 

Well, let me back up a bit. 

There was a Bollywood movie once I cannot remember the name of for the love of Mike (hehe). 

Right now, I can't. 

Nothing is ever lost though, as the Magic of Believing said, so it will come back to me. 

But the name of the movie isn't as important as the tale behind it. 

Two boys from grinding poverty from the SLUMS of India (no this ain't the insanely idiotic Slumdog Millionarire movie either, and no yours truly didnt grow up in a Bombay "chawl" either - that was the great Emraan Hashm's character in the 2008 blockbuster Jannat) have a DEEP DESIRE. 

To be rich and one day become the crimelords of the damn slum, who apparently even in real life control it. 

I still cannot remember the name. Bhool Bhulayia? I dont know, probably not, but it's a massive and famous for this reason slum in Mumbai. 

Anyway, they start early by indulging in minor pick pocketing etc.

They get put in jail. 

A sadistic jailer heaps all sorts of indignites and suffering upon them - but they refuse to let their WILL And SPIRIT be broken! 

Years later, the two young men are released - strapping young men. One that THINKS, and the other that is "hot headed" to a T and doesn't think much - he just "does". 

Shades of yours truly in both of 'em, I thought. (minus the crime part obviously). 

They hatch their plans silently, and rise up to control the slum - their dream for years and years and years. 

Then they want to go to phase two of the plan, exact revenge on the jailer. 

Guy numero uno sees him sitting in a restaurant with a cup of tea, hands shaking, the ravages of TIME - Father Time - along with the fact he got fired from his job as well when the "power that be" found out about his atrocities and coulnt' find any other job other than minimum wage security guard crap . . . 

Suddenly, all plans of revenge fly out the window. 

He drops him a quarter, shakes his head, and then (doesnt even grin!) heads home in his large SUV to his gorgeous gal. 

This same thing has been the subject of many a book, not the least of which the Sidney Sheldon bestseller "Master of the Game" - I believe? 

I can't remember, but its the tale where a lady is jilted, thrown in jail, had her baby aborted, and makes it her mission in life to destroy "Charles" the unfaithful husband but when she sees him sitting there in a dreary, captive marriage, she forgets all thoughts of revenge. 

Thats revenge enough, she thinks! 

Guy #2 in the movie isn't that "forgiving" tho. 

He asks #1 "why". 

Later on in the movie, #1 renounces crime. 

#2 says he will FIGHT till he dies, and sure enough, he does. 

#1 goes on to live a happy and fruitful life with a bonny baby and more. 

Now, lessons in all this? 

One, revenge is a dish best served cold. 

Two, it's best not to SERVE it all. 

Three, vendettas aren't worth it in most cases. 

Yet ... in SOME cases, I disagree with what the great Dr Maltz said in Pyscho Cybernetics about revenge being truly "a scalpel that heals all wounds". 

Lets say Hitler. 

Would anyone in their right mind forgive a maniac like that? 

Or, people that want to hurt you - destroy you - no matter what - when you did NOTING to them (the opposite, actually)? 

Well, that is the story with Bozo Schofield, who is currently the laughing stock of England in many ways, and I'm just getting started. 

He thought I'd wilt under his invective as so many others have. 

Bring it, boy, is what I told him then - and do NOW. 

YEars passed. 

I tried to dismiss his stuff as the (as his friend Charles said) "the ravings of a certified and known lunatic". 

(I addded the certified part). 

But some of the latest nonsense he's sent me, well, I've had truly had ENOUGH NOW. 

So here is the last message to Schofield in this regard. 

Continue down this path bro - thats fine, if you so choose. 

But be prepared to reap the whirlwind. 

I dont mince words, or say something lightly. 

I have NEVER ONCE lost a war in my life, and today I (openly) declare war on YOU. 

And two others I won't name here, but will when the time is right. 

There's still time, Schofield, to back down in your little cubbyhole in the basement, but that time runs out at 00:00 today. 

The choice is yours, bro. 

And no, for the idiots that are thinking I'll drag this idiot out of his hole and get physcial - sorry, but no, I wouldn't dream of doing it. 

I wouldn't dream of getting my hands dirty with that sort of human tripe, trash, and indeed pure GARBAGE. 

Even if he came up to me, I'd knock him back down into the hole and then some. 

Anyway, point is this. 

Revenge is NOT an emotion conducive to progress. 

Rage might be, and has been for yours truly his entire life, but only because I've channeled it RIGHT. 

But revenge,vendettas - best avoided due to obvious reason. 

Unless it's absolutely essential in which case you go full bore, full steam ahead. 

Anyway, I've gotten that off my chest!

So fitness wise, rememmber this. 

Keep the GOAL in mind. 

You'll have many minor setbacks along the way. 

Hell, I know I did! 

But always remember, what counts is winning the WAR - not the battle! 

They sure did think of it right when they said "RAW IS WAR!

And on that note, I'm out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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