Thursday, 18 March 2021 07:29

A bonafide real life cuckold got "agitated" cuck style and called yours truly a "cuck"

Lots of you, especially those on the Ship member's area have been WONDERING why I keep using the word "cuckling" as opposed to chucklin. 

Which I cannot do enough of these days it seems, both chuckling all the way to the bank and also at the "prime cut of meat" out there - in terms of being a Bozo "par excellence". 

Or, wanker par excellence. 

Anyway, we're talking Bozo Schofield here. 

And here is the latest rant he sent me (well, he sent this a couple of weeks back, but I am only mentioning it now). 

Remember, this is the same dude that messages women out of the ass - night, I mean, wanting them to "keep him as his servant" - to "press feet" - to "carry her shopping", and so forth, and he usually badgers them with this out of the blue, and when they obviously call him a jackass and decline, he goes to his "Mr Hyde" act and spews vile abuse. 

All on the books and the record. Hehe. 

And a guy that is notorious for paying ladies of the night in China big bucks to .... 

... stick his tongue where the sun dont shine, and do precious little else. 

Indeed, thats why despite the cash he stole from friends to do this this "thief par excellence" has little to show in terms of any actual relationship. 

Let's take a look here (and remember, drink your coffee, or you'll spit this out on your keyboard). 

You are a typical beta cuckold and we know you write books on it. Seeing a real man entering your wife turns on you creepy little twat.

I will be laying hands on you and fuking you up, then having your wife suck me off thank me.

Stay safe fugly.


Oh my. 

Normally, you'd think this sort of thing would make someone's blood boil, but for me? 

I couldn't stop laughing. 

This poor Bozo is self projecting in a manner that truly beggars belief. 

And of course, he never did mention "where those lovely books are that I write on erotica". 

Glyn, do send me the link if you're reading it and I'll post it right HERE. Hehe. Might as well mint more money off it! (more than I already AM). 

But this exact same thing was something he once posted in a group in a drunken manner. 

And then when I told him the next day that "Hey, Glyn, fetishes are normal - we ALL have 'em" - he denied it SO vociferiously that I knew I was right. I had hit the SPOT. Hehe. 

Not that spot, Glyn, lol. 

I mean MENTALLY - I touched a nerve, hence your reaction. 

Anyway, what does all of this have to do with you, you ask? 

It is this, my friend. 

In life, fitness, anything - remember - be YOU. 


The Bozo tries to hide, hide, hide, and all the while his deep desires never go away, do they? 

Same thing with YOU, and fitness my friend. 

You know the gyms aren't giving you the results you want. 

Yet, you continue to patronize them because "your friends and everyone else says" . 

You continue to lift weight because the so called "shamus gurus" say "it's the real deal". 

You contnue to get fatter, have less energy, the man tits keep expanding, and your INNER VOICE tells you to STOP - and do something DIFFERENT. 

That something different, my friend is my producs and courses

I've truly got something for everyone, and my results speak for themselves. 

A ONE time investment, and value for your entire life . . . 

Really, listen up bro. 

There is nothing to be ashamed of if you secretly want to ape me and do pull-ups. 

NOthing to be ashamed of, if, as Charles Mitchell, a great customer once said "I can't do fingertip pushups as well as you!" 

Absolutely nothing at all! 

We ALL want it. 

We have ALL been there. 

And we including yours truly - we have ALL learnt by standing on the shoulders of GIANTS. 

Fitness wise,tom tomming aside, that is me my friend. 

The rest? 

I leave up to YOU! 

As a great customer once said "the bodyweight exercise guru is WAITING for you". 

But he won't crawl over broken glass to beg you to DO the thing, thats for sure!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - I mentioned this to my lovely "significant other" and she giggled in that sage way only women can. 

Her comment? 

If he wants to tangle with an angry ape, so be it. 

And yeah. I'd rather be called an ape or "Da Xing Xing" than a cuck, hehe. 

PS #2 - Think Schofield is the only nutjob out there? Think AGAIN. 

Here is what a guy from Nanjing in China told me on Facebook a year or so ago when I still used it .. .(I was promoting Gorilla Grip). 

"I build a strong gorilla grip by choking the gorilla daily". 

I'll leave the rest up to your imagination. LOL. But really, another reason why I quit social media - it's right there! 

Anyway, my friend, don't "choke the chicken". 

Do as Rocky did - and CHASE it. 

You'll build stamina like NEVER BEFORE.