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Why we ALL better play with the cards we're dealt with, or ELSE!

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Look at any of the achievers of YORE, my friend - or today, and you'll find one common strand (after persistence). 

ALL of these men and women usually got off to an ultra rocky start in life, and dealt with more problems, nuisances and hassles than the average person does in 10 lifetimes, or 10 people do in 1.

Indeed, some of the things the DOERS and therefore ACHIEVERS have dealt with and overcome to get to their ultimate levels of success (and beyond) are beyond the comprehension of "ordinary" mortals who just look at them "now" and never believe such things such as being homeless, having no money for years and such could even HAPPEN to these people, supposedly born with a silver spoon in their mouth and with "God's hand seemingly on their backs". 



Just shows you how little the average person knows about real success. 

Napoleon Hill said many times in Think and Grow Rich and his other outstanding work that "there is a Guardian to the gates of success that doesn't let people pass easily". 

Men are tested - tested - and then again. They are put through all sorts of discouraging and depressing circumstances, and so forth. The Universe lets NO-ONE enjoy great success without going through great tribulations - and those that cannot take it simply do not MAKE IT. 

There is no easy path anywhere for anyone to "become a millionare by so and so age", as I've seen several idiots (one being the "Chloe" I wrote about last month or sometime) whose apparently now got "Billionaire by age 40" on her LinkedIn profile! 

I wonder why she felt the need to put that on there? 


Probably the same reason the Bozo told me he's a pound millionaire "out of the blue". lol. 

But anyway, as we enter the "fifth" day without emails to some lists - hell, sending less than at least six emails a day is UNTHINKABLE for me - and has been for years - and as several other interesting things happen, I'm thinking . . . 

First off, I'm hardly worried about a temporary blip in email on this site. 

Sure, I could "jimmy" it. 

Ther eis an easy fix, but I ain't gonna use it. I've seen several houses built on flimsy foundations "seem to stand" - but ultimately fall. 

Ya'll know one damn thing. 

IF I do something, I do it right, or not at all, so we'll wait for the issue to get sorted out in full. 

Funnily enough the 0 Excuses Faithful haven't complained - not one. 

Neither have the Bozos, with eyes firmly fixated on backsides and this site. Hehe. 

That don't mean we won't get back to email. 

It just means, people will LOOK for ways to follow you if they really want to, beyond the obvious. 

Anyway . . . my computer issues have gotten resolved miraculously, almost out of the blue, and it's been almost a week on that too. 

And you have NO idea how annoying the computer was for the past three months! 

The Universe doesn't just grant "situations and problems" - as Napoleon HIll said, every adversity, every temporary defeat carries within it the seed of equivalent or greater benefit (not the flower of full blown success, but the SEED from which said success may be said to bloom). 

And beyond the computer, there is another huge, huge Positive in the "no email" situation that I may explain later, or may not . . .

But anyway, fitness wise, and life wise, if I had stopped to wail on the "deck of cards" I've been dealt, admittedly shittier than most then I would not be sitting here writing to you, running around China with God knows who, hehe, and all the other things I get up to. 

I'd be a washed up, "never has been" drugged up Bozo "beyond repair" lashing out at man, animal, or anyting he can see to "alleviate the inner pain". 

Well, I wouldn't quite say "beyond help" - but I certainly wouldn't want to coach someone like that!

And again, I wouldn't BE coaching if I paused to dwell on (permanently) that deck of cards I've been dealt. 

Brings to mind a movie series "The Marine" (I think they had seven installments). 

In III, I believe, an ambitious young Marine known for saying it like it is, doing well, and sometimes "doing first and asking later" (my sorta chap!) gets into trouble. 

Senior officer looks at his "rap sheet". 

"In and out of school, troubled childhood, tough life" (something like that) - he says, without looking up. 

"Yes sir", responds the Marine. 

Officer looks up with a "see how less I care" look. 

"You've had it rough. Some of us do". 

He didnt say "so what", but he might as well have! 

Thats the attitude to have, my friend. 

It's one thing to temporarily bitch and moan, but to dwell on the deck of cards the Creator has dealt us - well - exercise in futility. 

You'd be far better off concentrating on the fact that the greatest successes came from the most unlikely sources and people and in the most "resistant" of environments. 

Where there is a will - there is a way. Always! 

And on that note, I'm out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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