Wednesday, 24 March 2021 11:04

Why those who complain "its too easy" are idiots of the highest and grandest order.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again. 

There's a lot of Bozos out there, and the list, along with the exact opposite i.e. DOERS that DO the thing, and real trainees are growing by the day.

Exponentially at that, with Schofield at the top of the list of course (Bozo list). 

Remember the idiot on Amazon Italy who complained "the book on isometrics is too easy and worthless because it's just "simple bodyweight stretches"". 

Well, apparently this idiot forgot to look up the definiton on isometrics for one. 

But you on this list know the review I'm referring to, so there is  no need to get into his idiocy about wanting Sylvester Stallone's photographer for the photos in the book, for one, or how (typical!) "too expensive! wail!". 

But I've waxed lyrical on this before. 

Now, lets hear it from Panourgias, a DOER on this list that you guys are WELL familiar with. 

You ask for review.well when you do them look easy but I need a lot of hard work to do any of them.the good think is that you describe them in a way that I understand and I am motivated the same time.the thinks that look simple is the most difficult and it is the trap where stupid’s fall and say that it  is not worth are a doer and that’s who  doers need to teach them.i cant judge someone who is better in something but I can spot who to follow.


And he's dead on right!

He sent that in as a review I asked for for my latest books (I'm not sure which one, but I think he means Pushup Central, but he got "Pull-ups from DUD to STUD to SUPER STUD within WEEKS!" and "Corrugated Core" too). 

And the Rolls Royce, which along with the book on isometrics is his favorite. 

Now . . . lessons to be learnt here, my friend. 

One, what is easy isnt actually easy. 

The simplest things work th ebest. 

Three, the simplest things are what bring SOLID and SUPERLATIVE results. 

Fourth, he's (and any real DOER) is motivated to DO when they read my products, because as he says, I'm a doer, and the spirit SHINES through, as it should! 

And five - - a crowning mistake that a lot of idiots make, and that Panourgias has rightly pointed out. That being to judge before DOING!

And many more perhaps - see if you can spot 'em!

Here is what I replied with - - 

Hey Panourgias -

Thanks again for the great feedback! Yes, precisely. The trap most people fall into is "it's too simple" - but they don't DO the thing first - or they'd realize it ain't nowhere near as simple as it's made out to be. For example, the great stretches in Isometric and Flexibility Training - or the pushups in Pushup Central - or anything I teach, really . . . the good thing is though there's DOERS and smart people like you that realize it ain't all about looks - it's about the DOING!

Keep DOING - and yes, I always aim to inspire and motivate!

I should have ALSO added - Panourgias - for a person whose native language isn't English - you express yourself pretty damn WELL in it! 



Rahul Mookerjee

PS - If this email doesnt motivate YOU, the reader to go DO (i.e. BUY a product, and then DO what is mentioned), then I'm not sure what will. And on the life front - here's another insanely motivational read - Zero to Hero!