Friday, 26 March 2021 08:27

"It wont happen" VS "Make IT HAPPEN!"

Growing up, I remember the looks of incredulousness on the face of people - often unsaid, when I spoke of goals, or complained about something that wasn't right (and should be!). 

It could be family - friends - even strangers. 

Often times and most times, it wasn't said. 

It was a look of "who does he think he is" - and "how dare he try to change the status quo" mixed in with .... "THAT Goal! YOU??  That'll never happen!" 

Topped off by a look of resignation in terms of "it is what it is" (without the most important part, which is FOR NOW!). 

I've never bought into this BS mentality, and therefore, have been at odds with people that do my entire life, and continue to be, and dont make any bones about the same. 

Why not MAKE the damn thing happen? 

NOTHING HAS to remain as it is - MAKE it happen!

The real DOERS - Henry Ford's that were scoffed at as Doubting Thomases and Edisons told they were idiots that would never accomplish anytihng and scores of others thankfully didnt buy into this BS Mentality, which by the way doesnt just corrupt individuals - its SOCIETY at large. 

Countries, too. 

You may not think so, but entire swathes of people resign themselves to "this will never change in my country".

As the great Claude Bristol wrote about in the Magic of Believing. 

As we THINK, so we ARE! 

(It wasn't him that is given credit for the saying, but it might as well have been him or any of the DOERS out there). 

Say what you like about Communist China, with all their flaws but you gotta give them credit for one thing where it's due - getting their people to believe, albeit they take it to extremes, such as the recent boycott of H & M, Nike etc in china because they RIGHTLY called out China for its Nazism in Xinjaing. 

Jingoism you say? 


Yes, and it aint good in this regard - BUT - they did imbibe their people with the spirit to DO it - even if that means bellicose challenges to the US and the rest that obviously sound and are fake, but given the speed at which China has progressed - you gotta admit that you might not agree with how they did it, but did it they did! 

To an extent anyway. 

Which is betteR? 

NOT doing it, or doing it the way they did? 

Thats a discussion for another time, but for now, this is why I keep telling people to play their cards close to the chest. 

I made the mistake of not doing so too many damned times in my life. 

Tell the world what you're going to do, but SHOW IT first!

Remember, subsconsiously, youll encounter far more negative from people - and in some cases those people dont even know what they're doing. 

You're best off focusing on YOUR goal. Like a horse with blinder on. 

And speaking of horses, and STALLIONS

My compilation on Shoulders will turn you into the STUD AND RAGING STALLION you've always wanted to be, guys - and a MARE - a BUCKING AND REARING "heroine" (as my lovely wife says) for you GALS, but that ain't why I'm telling you think - I'm telling you coz ... 


FITNESS wise, same thing. 

Never think the goal is "too big". 

Now, if you're stuck at less than zero pushups, can barely hold the pushup position - then getting to 500 might seem huge. 

Well, I get it. 

And THIS is why I keep blabbling so often about the Law of Practice. 

DO the thing daily, even if it's in small increments - remember the journey of a thousaand miles which DOES start with a single STEP. 

Do, even if its a LITTLE everyday. 

Take one step at a time, sometimes two, occasionally FIVE. 

Be persistent! 

And you'll get there, bro. 

(or SIS). 

Believe - and make it happen. 

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Rahul Mookerjee

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