Saturday, 27 March 2021 05:13

Could YOU be stopping Three feet from GOLD?

I did something last night I dont do - last did back in January. 

That being, buy an Audible book. 

They have books you can "listen to" which a lot of people prefer - another great initiative by Amazon for sure, but as far as I'm concerned, I'm not much of a one for audio books. 

E books, sure. 

But listening to audio - well - y'all on this list know why I dont like to do that!

It takes up way too much time for one - I can read and assimilate FAR faster for one, and many other reasons, and plus books - it's just easy to flip to a page as opposed to find the right spot in the recording. 

Plus, I dont know. 

Some of the old books I read and the modern day voices that read 'em - it doesnt "fit right". 

Nothing against the narration or narrators, all top notch ... but well, just not my thang. 

But I did it anyway. 

I bought Three Feet from Gold, which is a book I've read before years ago, but I wanted to read it again - for some odd reason I decided to get the e-book. 

The book itself is another one of Napoleon Hill's great, great books on SUCCESS. 

But it emphasizes PERSISTENCE more than anything else, that character which is to man's character (according to Hill in Think and Grow Rich) what "carbon is to steel"). 

Many years ago, W.U. Darby, who is known for his insurance sales (he made millions from it) went with his Uncle to mine gold during the gold rush back in the day. 

To Colorado I believe. 

They drilled where they were told to - sure enough - they found gold. 

They shipped it back to be smelted. 

Sure enough! High quality gold - they congratulated themselves upon striking it big without much work! 

They continued to drill. 

But suddenly ... lo!

The gold up and DISAPPEARED. 

Franticaly, the Darby's kept digging. 

The gold just wasn't there to be found. 

Frustrated, they did what most men do when faced with defeat (temporary defeat). They GAVE UP. Sold the mine to a local junk man and went HOME. 

This junk man was no fool. 

He had been plotting to get hold of a mine for years. 

And now, the opportunity came, much like it did after years and years for Edwin Barnes, the tramp turned millionarie who traveled by goods train to meet Edison to not work for him, but WITH HIM!

As Edison said, there was SOMETHING about him that made him give him a chance when no-one else would, because he saw he had made up his MIND to get just what he wanted, and nothing else, and when someone does that, as the great Edison knew himself, literally nothing can stop the person. 

Anyway, junk man took the map of the mine to an engineer, who predicted the gold was there. 

All one had to do ? 

Was drill again - THREE FEET - YES - - from where the DArby's gave up!

The junk man made MILLIONS from that mine. 

The Darbys? 

Young Darby learned a very important lesson about never quitting and evenutally made his millions in insurance. 

When defeat overtakes a man, the easiest and most logical thing for a man to do is QUIT. That is exactly what most men do! 

(Napoleon Hill). 

... and this is pretty much the reason for FAILURE mor ethan anything else for most people. 

But it got me to thinking. 

Could YOU be doing the same thing? 

Fitness wise? 

Some of you come to this site, and look at the products, and instantly "oh, too expensive!". 

My friend, have you considered the GOLD in those books - laid out over YEARS AND YEARS - waiting to be mined by YOU? 

Some of you look at the workouts, and say "F ... thats too tough!" 

My friend, have you considered the value of persistence and stickability in terms of turning into a human gorilla which you WANT? 

If you want something, you put in the hard yards. You persist. You slog. You have a vision. I sure did during all those tough climbs up the HILL! And more!

Some of you are great at dreaming. 

Lets say "500 pushups per workout". 

Which is a superlative goal to have. 

Yet, when it comes to the doing, lots falter. 

"IT's too tough". 

After a month or so of doing th epushups, you STOP. 

And go nowhere. 

And get fatter and more miserable. 

My friend, could the day you STOPPED be the day you would have made great gains if you PERSISTED? 

These, and many other questions ran through my mind as I listened to the ebook, so I'm asking you . . . 

And thats that from me. Let me know - I'll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Three Feet from Gold is along with Outwitting the Devil one of Napoleon Hill's best books. And for me, I'd say Animal Kingdom Workouts along with the book on isometrics and Pushup Central. Grab all these NOW my friend.