Tuesday, 30 March 2021 07:41

"Tired of being stuck indoors", and Why I'm never tired or "stuck" being indoors.

I woke up thinking of the HILL this morning, and the intense LEG workouts I often have on the hill!

Last night, I was looking at my body - in a "non praising" sort of manner if that makes sense, with an ULTRA critical eye, because I haven't hiked in a while, and I often do this check to see "how things are going" without hiking with regard to the lower body. 

Amazingly enough, or actually NOT ... my legs are the SAME as before. 

My waist has actually gone DOWN a little from what it was, and it wasn't fat before either. 

And while I was thinking of the fact that nothing, my friend, can replicate tough leg workouts like HILLS can (the effect) - the fact is they CAN. 

Proofs in the pudding!

And I'm not even talking Hindu squats here, which is the very best out there in terms of leg training, and give you even more of a very brutal workout than the HILL every did me! 

Sprints are the only thing that come close, but not quite! 

Really, those squats are brutal, but I haven't been doing very many as of late at all. 

Pull-ups - yes. 

Handstand pushups - yes. 

Walking - a bit - yes. 

Yet, my legs you ask? 

Why and how the super leg workout?? 

Well, my friend, the key lies in ISOMETRICS. 

In the book on isometrics, I give you TWO stretches that the Bozos diss as being too simple, and the doers comment upon as and they're RIGHT - "it looks simple, but it's anything BUT if you DO". 

One is the "Rahul Mookerjee" style squat I teach. 

The second? 

Well, it's a STRETCH I teach in the same book - NOT taught by anyone else out there. 

And that not only works the entire leg area - butt -hamstrings - hips - but also the UPPER body if you do it right. 

And that, my friend, more than anything else is responsible for the effect I'm talking about. 

As for the title of this email? 

Well, I keep getting these inane marketing emails that have tripe subject lines like that. Big companies at that. Makes me wonder! Hmm. 

(Of course, its those big Bozo compaies that claim writers should be paid a pittance. HA!). 

And companies in general. 

"Writing is easy". 

Double HA! 

I wonder why the idiots don't do it themselves if its so easy. 

On that note, perhaps they do, hence the TRIPE. 

And I didnt answer that email but do I feel stuck indoors - with or without the plague? 

Well, I live in China where it rains all the time for one! 

I've never let that stop me - as you can tell from 16 Inspirational Fitness Recollections, Ive never let extreme weather of ANY NATURE stop me. 

But lets say theres no hill nearby. 

Do I feel stuck? 

In the past I used to to a degree, but now? 

No way, my friend. 

Because with workouts like Animal Kingdom Workouts - - and of course the great book on isometrics "Isometric And Flexibility Training" - you literally never need to step outside. 

Dont get me wrong. 

I walk outside in Nature all the time, but I do it because I WANT to. 

Not because I need to!

There is a difference. 

That, my friend is the key ... 

And yes, I highly recommend walks outdoors for reasons mentioned before. 

Ill get more into that at a later date, but for now, grab the two books above. You, the DOER and real trainee will love 'em!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - And the Bozos might as well unsubscribe in droves. Thank you! 

(Ditto for the people who are "just on the list" for free stuff. Thanks, but NO THANKS). 

PS #2 - Lots of folks do NOT know that when creating the Rolls Royce of Fitness - -my FLAGSHIP product, I didnt climb the hill for not just a while, but months upon months. And yet, the results. Trust me, my friend, just trust me ! 

(I know the doers do already).