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Why you should - and MUST - FEED the very HAND that is feeding YOU.

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It may sound completely counter intiuitive, and maybe it doesnt, I dont know. 

Maybe it sounds elementary, Watson. 

(that last bit about Watson rang so true for reasons I wont mention here!) 

But elementary or not - we have ALL been guilty at one time or the other of not just not doing it, but doing the precise and polar opposite. 

Me, when I first started making money off the fitness business all those years ago for one.

I dont even mean "big" money. I mean any money. 

And when I first started making sales off the site and other sites I have, my first thought wasnt what I just told you to do. 

Incredibly, and this might sound familiar to YOU, I'd use the cash for what I needed at the time or thought I wanted. 

This doesnt mean the business failed or anything. 

Quite obviously not. 

Other hand, for long periods, I'd notice that while I'd do well, I wasnt quite reaching the levels of sucess I desired. 

Now, to me succes is a journey more than the destination. 

I realize most may not think I'm right on that one, and thats fine, but there is a reason I say what I am. Believe me, think about it yourself, you'll know what I mean. 

And you'l likely agree, but for long periods, I "felt" I wasn't quite getting there. 

I can very confidently and unequivocally say this NOW - that the #1 overriding reason other than mental aspects was this - I wasnt doing what I just told you to do. 

Incredibly, the minute I started to do this, all other things fell into place pretty much. 

And as the sales graph keeps shooting UPWARDS, I gotta write this to you - in the hope that someone out there who is starting what they might think is a "side gig" sees the potential in it - knows what to do and what not - and knows the truism of "aggressively REINVESTING". 

I have said it before, I'll say it again, and it bears repeating. 

Feed the business first and foremost no matter WHAT else needs to be done, and I mean what else. 

Naturally, you dont starve yourself to death doing this. This doesnt need to be taken to extremes, but skipping out on the nightly beer for one is a sacrifice you can damn well make, my friend - along wth many others - if you're serious about what they call LASTING fitness.


Did I just say fitness. I meant success. 

But really, it applies to fitness too ie. give your fitness the time and attention it DESERVES. Don't put it off until tomorrow. Don't make it the last thing to do - make it the FIRST. And you'll rich REAP - reap rich - REWARDS if you do it this way. 

The above isn't the whole key, of course. There are plenty more, and the first edition of Zero to Hero contains the most important onces. Check the book out now if you so choose. 

On the other fronts, I just put out another edition of Rolls Royce Fitness - with a few changes I'll talk about later. 

Let me just say though that the "before and after" pictures is a truism you shouldn't ignore either. 

Neither is the "before - before - after". 

What do I mean? 

Well, patience, I'll reveal all, along with a rather idiotic review for the book as well. Hehe. 

But for now, here's a decent question from "Jonathan", who is an Advanced Hill Training fan, but wants to know why I dont have a "videos only" feature for the Rolls Royce of fitness. 

Well, not entirely a bad question, but the reason is simple - one, because I've never had requests for videos and not the book. 

The other way around - all the time. 

But just the videos without the book doesn't make any sense for most people. The COMBO is what does. 

And so despite having paperback only options, despite having paperback PLUS digital download options, despite digital ONLY options, there is not and will not ever in the forseeable future be a "videos only" option. 

If you've bought the book from elsewhere, and want just the videos NOW, well, contact me and I'll finangle another option for you. 

(as I did for Jonathan). 

And second reason?

Well, even though the videos have been very very well received indeed, and people have asked for MORE - personally, you know me. 

Mr Caveman isn't exactly a fan of videos ... 

That said, I'll probably do some in the future for Animal Kingdom Workouts and the books on pull-ups, but truth be told, I prefer the written word. 

Yes I realize that dates me, and I realize the "world is going digital and video". 

But there are tons of Dinos like you and I out there as well that prefer paperbacks, like DVD's the old fashioned way and so forth, so I'm not so concerned about which way the world in general is going. 

And, in any case, I've always done the polar opposite of what the "sheeple" in general do, hehe. 

It's served me very well until now, and I don't see myself changing anytime soon!!

Alrighty then , thats it for now.  .  .  

Back soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Pick up the Rolls Royce of Fitness here - it truly WILL turn you into a beast, a PURRING one at that .  . . !

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