Wednesday, 31 March 2021 10:01

Marketing lesson learnt (or should I say REINFORCED) from the tubes of toothpaste I bought this morning

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I know that sounds strange, but bear with me - and yes, I didnt so much "learn" as it reinforced what I already know (and do). 

But anyway, I bought a different "style" (flavor) of toothpaste from the one I normally use. 

For whatever reason, I've been wanting to buy this one for a while. 

I dont know if it's the blue color or peppermint or what not - but the ad just "struck home". 

More than that, China colgate (at least the ones Ive bought) with that color have always been super good, and being I was buying the same brand? 

I figured it would be GREAT. 

Upon opening the pack though, and trying it - it wasnt. 

But looking at the ad for it, would I buy it again ? 

I'd probably be tempted to yes for whatever odd reason, even though I know the toothpaste ain't that great!

But anyway, thats a very very rare example of marketing done right - or maybe it just hit home in terms of the color combo etc for me, I dont know. I've never seen most people in China use the brand of toothpaste I do, so ... 

But it brings to mind an interesting point. 

Those people - and I'm talking not just fitness books, but everything in general - that talk and market a big game, but their product falls FLAT on their face. 

Those people that invest a ton of time and money into taking "the perfect picture", proof reading their book about a bazillion times, making sure the cover is a piece of art, and thereforth ... 

Yours truly, my friend, has always been the exact and polar opposite. Overdeliver while UNDERPROMISING  - and this holds especially true for the fluff etc like pictures, book cover etc. 

I always laugh at people who say "covers matter a hell of a lot" to the exclusion of CONTENT. 

True, covers sell - big time. 

But the sort of person that judges a book by it's cover and that alone is an idiot in my opinion. 

I'd rather customers like I have who know that despite there being no fluff or filler in the books, my books deliver. 

Despite the covers not being fancy in the least. 

(Most are black and white!). 

Despite no fancy showboating, showbiz style stuff etc ... 

And I'm only getting MORE this way, as you can see from the cover of Profound Handstands

Or the cover of Battletank Shoulders, or Shoulders like Boulders!

Would I sell more if I made the workouts easier, and SOLD OUT (in my view)? 


Would I sell more if I gussied up the book covers etc? 


Truth be told, I could care less about any of that and therefore I will NOT do it. 

I want the covers, the books, everything to emphasize my bare bones BRUTAL training style. 

And they do! 

And that, to me is what really matters - along with the results. 

And my very best book ever is a prime example of just that - Animal Kingdom Workouts. 

If you haven't got it as yet - you'll want to do so NOW. 

Truly spectacular!


Rahul Mookerjee