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Why my discounts (like me) will always be transparent (though I dont give 'em out too often)

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I dont know if you guys have noticed this, but the discounts etc that are being handed out these days - are - in one word - SHAM. 

And the rampant price rise etc - dont get me wrong - I'd be the LAST person to complain about this given my own prices which are higher than almost anyone else's in the market out there (but with damned good reason - my workouts are tougher and give you better results than anyone out there!) - but some of the stuff I'm seeing going on in 2021 ain't just price gouging or highway robbery. 

It's above all a dumb way to do business. 

Green tea, for instance, I noticed (in a country where it isn't really a "staple"). (this is from Amazon India and I've been following the madness there for good reason because I sell stuff there too). 

(yes, I sell physical tea etc too). 

Some of the brands out there ... 

Here is how it goes. 

New brand comes out. Special introductory price. 


Second purchase - customer pays more. 

Ok, fair enough ... 


Customer has to buy TWO of the same thing. 


The price skyrockets, but the "two of the same thing" doesnt change. If anything, it becomes "3". 

All of this within a couple of weeks. 

If you think I'm kidding - no - I'm not. 

Obviously I haven't bought of any of that gimmicky stuff,  but many people get taken in by the first discount. 

Yours truly gets tea from Cicy and Taobao, hehe (though increasingly I'm avoiding the latter like the plague from China too). 

But anyway, thats not the point i.e. where I source and enjoy my teas. 

The point is this - when yours truly gives you discounts, there are NO strings attached. 

As John Walker, a great customer from the UK once said "my discounts are uber generous". 

And I've been known to do up discounts for almost ALL doers - with NO strings attached. 

For instance, a couple of weeks in response to my "favorite product question", a great customer from Greece "Panourgias" availed of the then on going discount (I gave him an extra discount on top of that) on the compilation on pull-ups

At that time, i was doing 20% off on ALL compilations. 

I gave him 25. 

I dont know why. Maybe because he's a doer!

But anyway, next purchase he made? 

I gave him the same discount again - with NO Strings attached. 

No "you gotta buy this much the next time around". 

Then another example - the $400 discount we've got going on now (i.e. if you order $400 worth of products, you get a 20% auto discount regardless of the product). 

However, customers such as Sandy who I wrote about on the other site that availed of this offer - it doesnt mean YOU won't be eligible for the next offer when it comes! 

Thats how to me, discounts should be as opposed to flat out gouging. 

But anyway, what does your truly el caveman know, hehe. 

Me, personaly, I dont give out discounts except to those that deserve it, and if I give 'em out in general, there are no strings attached other than minimum cart value etc. 

Plain and transparent, just like yours truly. 

And for the Bozos that claim "he's in it just for money" (some idiot recently wrote in - and so did the Bozo with "since I have so much money to burn") ...well, this above discount has been ongoing for the past one and a half week, and I believe it's the first time I've even brought it up ... 

Believe me, I'm the last person you'd think that would "run after you" asking you to buy my products. 

Only for seriously committed DOERS! 

And that, my brother, is that. 

Back soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - If you haven't picked up Animal Kingdom Workouts as yet, do so now. One of our (my) best ever, if not THE BEST (for the best). 

PS #2 - Sometimes the coupon codes "barf" - so if you've got one (personally) from me, and it didnt work the first or second time for some reason, let me know and I'll have it looked at (I have no idea why that happens sometimes, but no biggie either way - will get it taken care of - let me know!).