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Monday, 05 April 2021 05:31

Why you should treat your fitness routine like a BUSINESS.

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Actually, I should say you should treat ALL your routines like a business, but we'll stick to fitness for this one. 

That last email I sent you a while back was about "waking up" from a "grog" as it were (nah, no benders for me last night - that hasn't happened in forever). (But it doesnt mean I still don't enjoy going out with friends or what not and getting plastered occasionally, hehe, but it only happens every six months or so. Once at that. Otherwise, it's beers at home, but thats it). 

Speaking of which, the one beer I'm really craving right now is a GUINESS. Damn, those things are "stout"! 

But anyway, Guiness aside (and no new records coming up either, hehe) ... 

I said in the last email you should mentally go through your workout before doing it. 


Even if it's just for a brief instant .. 

When I got in top, top shape by hiking them hills daily, and doing bodyweight exercises in China, I didnt just "plan my workouts" when I woke up. 

I was thinking about the END Results I wanted and the look I wanted damn near all day long in some way, shape or form. 

I started slow, yes. The events of 2015 gave me impetus in ways nothing else could have at the time. 

And I just kept doing it - day after day. COld, rain, sleet, blazing hot tropical weather, whatever. 

5 Am in the morning climbs in utter and sheer darkness to "Angel of the City" . . . 

And sometimes a groggy Carol by my side, hehe, though she would show up around 545, by which time yours truly was done with round #1, hark off to her workplace around 7:20 I believe, or start the descent at that time, and then I'd continue doing what I was. 

Walking her back to the car was an extra workout too, so I was happy to do it! 

But anyway, I'd PLAN what I wanted to do - no, it didnt take forever either. 

I'd plan the routes going up and down. I'd plan the speed I'd go at. I'd see myself doing it. 

And then I'd do it, and the results ... well. They've been great!

I do the same thing business wise and life wise. 

Sure, it's not the same as training where you just do it without other variables involved - business for one involves many variables, but its the same thing at the core. 

Wake up. 

Do it. 



Think about the goal. 

See yourself GETTING to that goal. 

Think about it all the time!

And while people do this sort of thing with business (the smart ones), for some odd reason, we dont see the same importance being attached to workouts where you just show up and do what you want as you want and as you feel when you feel like it. 

No, my friend. 

Your workout needs to be treated with the SAME seriousness as you would any major project, or perhaps MORE given it's what is fueling that project. 

Even if you're doing brief 5 minute workouts, plan those too!

See yourself doing it, and at the "end of the workout" before it happens. 

And that, along with the 10 Commandments of Physical (or any) Success in the Rolls Royce of Fitness is the best tip I can give you for now. 

(It's actually one of the tips in it anyway)

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee


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