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Why (unless you're Bozo Schofield) you should send sexually charged texts to women you dont know from Eve (or men you dont know from Adam)

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Now that was a long title, hehe. 

At the outset, NO, I ain't promoting harassment of any nature towards any gender, I am NOT saying you should pester women with inanities as Bozo Schofield and his posse do (well, you could, but she'll just block and report you) - NO, I am not saying that its right to do to either gender or in betweens or what not. 

And most of all, and again, it ain't an excuse to hit women out of the blue randomly for no reason. 

Now that we've got all the disclaimers out of the way, a certain Jeff Bezos and a Miss Sanchez comes to mind, hehe. 

And sexually charged texts - while Jeff was married. 

The rest is , well, public domain by now! 

But heres the thing. 

Most would criticize Jeff saying "but he was married, so it's wrong" while secretly themselves WANTING to do something similiar, but not having the balls to, or not getting the chance, or what not. 

Puranitism and "right or wrong" aside (no, I am not saying cheating is right, but what I AM saying is it happens - and I've said this in the past too! Some things "happen" - and if you look at the legion of achievers out there and THEIR lives, well ...  shout at me all you like, hehe, but those facts don't change!!) . . . the real point is this. 

What Napoleon Hill wrote about in Think and Grow Rich about the powers and magic of sexual transmutations, and its a chapter that is truly sage, and NOT understood by most out there. 

Especially the wackjobs that message me asking to be introduced to women. UGh! 

Anyway, I just congratulated someone on a work promotion. 

A female someone. 

Thats ALL I said. 

"Congratulations - I'd congratulate you anyway!" 

Is all I said ... (bozo Schofields, please dont copy this line as it ain't gonna get you anywhere). 

Anyway, thats all I said. 

I'm sure you'd say - well - where is the "sexual" charging behind this? 

Well, it ain't obvious. 

But it's very much there. 

There is a reason I said it. 

FEELING is what counts, not the words - the VIBE does. 

And here's another spanner into the works - I don't know this lady, do NOT want services of any nature from her, do NOT intend to ask her anything from here on in, and certainly NOOOOOOOOOOOO "sexy" or hanky panky of any nature. 

Maybe down the line, someday, I'll make her the heroine of one of my non fitness related "Sidney Sheldon with a twist" books ... Such as a certain Miss Chen, or Aa Chie, or ... Miyako Li! 

Or others. 

They are truly legion!

Anyway, Napoleon Hill wrote about all great achievers being highly sexed, and the reason for them NOT succeeding in a big way - most men - before 40 - is they tend to "dissipate" their wild oats a bit too much. 

It ain't me saying that. 

Read the book, and you'll know. 

This don't mean you do it too often, or on a schedule, or dont do it, or abstain for months as boxers etc of yore did and probably still do. 


It doesnt mean you badger women you dont know with "Madam, can I be your servant" such as Glynn-ie Schofield does, or other inanities. 

It just means you TRANSMUTE it. 


Well, I'll write about that later!

In a way people can understand. 

But lets descend back to an earthly level, and get some inspiration. 


And that being the 30% discount we've got going on NOW on our products, my friend. 

And that, my friend is that. 

Truly a post that will get me hammered from all directions. 

So be it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Again, here is the link for the products

PS #2 - I ain't responsible for any marriages that may happen from the above if you do it right, hehe. Most don't, so I don't need to worry about that. But again, and this is for the idiots, morons and jackasses out there - none of this should be taken as an invitation to harass, badger, and PESTER. 

You just "do". Then you forget. And you do it "because". 

And thats all I am going to say here!