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Why you should be an aggressive individual and promote decadence (or "send decandent rubbish").

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Behold, if you so would, the blindingly friggin obvious playing out in front of YOU.

In other words, the reaction I got to my last email on this. Predictably, the Bozo Brickbats are rolling in, most of them not even reading what I Said.

White knights galore too from what I can tell.

And here is what “Jamie from Scotland” wrote in.

All this decadent rubbish you keep talking about! who do you think you are, Ms Casanova? Goodbye!

The “goodbye” was emphasized. Not just in bold but in red.


That hurt bro (not). Hehe.

Before that, he went on a long rant about this

“How dare you constantly engage in aggressive promotion that you do daily! There’s no value!”

Yawn (in terms of the no value part which I addressed HERE a few days ago).

But really, these sort of emails make me google.

Or goggle.

Google because I just googled “is there any limit to Bozo’sim”.

Bozo Schofield didn’t pop up, but he might as well have.

I mean, really, fella.

It’s my site.

My work.

My products.

And you’re crying about me self promoting?

Clearly this idiot didn’t read the email he referred to first, where there was no decadence of any nature.

I mean, all I did was congratulate a woman on being promoted.

Is that decadent?

I spoke about a few non fitness books (admittedly with decadent content some of them) I’ve written.

That wrong to do, bro?

I don’t know – I didn’t even link ‘em here.

So much for “promotion”. Hehe.

(and for references, they’re no more decadent than Sidney Sheldon’s are, all they really are is women that are MASTER PLANNERS getting what they want in ways you’d never think – and I don’t exclude men from that list either!)

(Hell, even my lovely wife calls me the Hindi sort-of-pjeorative "Yukit" which means master planner, and thats even more hilarious considering I hardly ever consciously plan ANYTHING) 

(so I don’t know what Bozo James is yellin about).

Sometimes in life, we gotta just do it, friend.

Being a Bozo doesn’t help anyone, least of all you James…

Anyway, Mr Casanova, curiously enough is a name that isn’t there on that burgeoning list I’ve been talking about for so long (almost at 1500 now).

For those that don’t believe me, well, it’s true.

I’ve saved all the names I have been called and while “fornicator” and movie star are two of the inane ones I’ve been called often (I haven’t done the former in ages, and don’t plan on it, and the latter? Maybe, but it ain’t a conscious plan Ill tell you that!) . . . Or “Tv Star” (no way!) . . .

For a damned good reason which I won’t reveal here.

Anyway, Mr Casanova WILL say one thing.

That if you’re looking to get laid, or get the lady of your dreams – behaving like an utter Bozo won’t help any.

Getting in shape might.

And the discount I have going right now may make it easy for you to make the decision on (for those of you that are still wanking around “waiting for the right time” – hint – it will NEVER be the right time as Napoleon Hill sagely said in Think and Grow Rich. Time waits for nobody. Strike while the iron is HOT. If you believe in my products, then go ahead and DO IT!) buying or then again, I don’t know.

It may not.

But it’s a never seen before (for ALL customers) 30% discount and given the raging demand, pun intended, I won’t keep it going too much longer.

I might pull it TOMORROW even.

So get in while the going is good, bro.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I have taste, and everyone must abide by it!

So said my little girl. LOL. Well, what can I say. She can carry it off unlike the adult Bozos!