Thursday, 08 April 2021 09:30

Why the Jim ain't all it's cracked up to be, and why Fast and Furious FItness is worth getting - NOW (collector's item, so HURRY)

In my first email dispatch to YOU this morning, I wrote about two things. 

One about nonsensical advice being given that isn't applicable to the current day and age, and yet, so many people persist with giving and dispensing it for "easy money" (because the suckas believe it anyway). 

And part of that email was about why relying on any one source of income is just STUPID. Well, maybe it was that or the next email I sent ... 

Part WAS (I'm sure!) bout relying on the ole "jim" as a training "be all and end all" that so many people do. 

The OP is here, so check it out if you're so interested. 

But, I was so caught up in writing that new behemoth I've been talking about that I forget to share an email from a DOER! 

A great guy, and great customer John Walker wrote in - 

Hello Rahul

Training in a gym? Now that's something I haven't done since I was in my early twenties (I'm 64 in July) and even when I did train in a gym I still did training at home at the same time.
You cannot rely on the gym always being there, outside of the "Wuhan Flu" gyms have been known to go out of business especially the small privately owned gyms that aren't in a large chain.
Over the years I acquired more and more training equipment until there wasn't any need to go to the gym and given that all of my "so called" training partners had fallen by the wayside I made the decision that I would train alone in my home gym and I've never looked back.
I would like to purchase one of the last remaining Fast and Furious Fitness books, because as I've stated previously I would like to own all of the (fitness) books that you've written, please will you let me know how I can purchase a copy, thank you.
Warmest Regards
All great points, my friend!!

Right down to what he calls the flu, hehe. The Wu(han) flu. So damned true!

I prefer the "plague from china" though. hehe, but Kung Flu and Wu(Han) flu ring TRUE! 

And they rhyme. 

Anyway, all this aside - my reply - - 

Hey John -
Thanks for the e-mail! Yes, that is so true with regard to the part about training partners not showing up etc "because they're too tired", or the wife got pissed at them for some inane reason, or ...well, you know what I'm saying, hehe. Training alone, and at home - with equipment you own, yes, is so much better than waiting for your turn at the "Jim" and of course in the current environment it's probably safer too.
Not to mention you have no excuses left NOT to train i.e. when the weights or what not are staring you right in the face (for those that train with weights), then you either just do it, or you dont!
Spot on too about a lot of the gyms going out of business, and importantly, the ones that stay open are promoting openly unhealthy practices for one. I was once told "this gym isnt for guys like you! We want people with muscles!" . (I had just gone in there to take a look).
They had pictures of Mr Olympia with bloat plastered all over the place, so you can bet your bottom dollar, rupiah, or RMB I got the HECK out of Dodge as soon as possible, hehe.
Now on to biz - - just go HERE - Fast and Furious Fitness (  and select the "collector's edition" option on the checkout form, and then click "checkout" , and pay, and it will be done. I will personally ship it to you once I receive the funds (Amazon won't do it this - this will come personally from me, as those particular books with the cover I mentioned are no longer on Amazon and will never be either once these copies I've got personallyrun out).
Remember too, that 0 Excuses Fitness "derived" from that book as I keep saying, so if you (which you do) already have 0 Excuses Fitness, then you've already got most of what is this book. But, it's a collector's item nonethless if just because of the style it's written in, the cover, and some of the exercises therein aren't there in 0 Excuses Fitness yes, so .. And it's really where all of this started, which alone is probably a great reason to own the book as you can then say "you were then in at the very beginning!".
You should be able to pay directly with your card on the site. Remember the coupon code that will show on the pop up when you checkout for the auto 30% discount! ;)
Let me know once you order - and I'll get things rolling!
Rahul Mookerjee  (I dont as yet have an address option on the checkout form, but in your case I will send it to the address I've got on file right now obviously).
(Oh, and in case you're interested in the 0 Excuses videos as you said you were (and I'm sure you are!)  - you can get those via - - let me know, and I'll tell you how to do so, as there is no videos only option there right now).
So, several takeaways from this as you can tell. 
And the most pertinent one is why you should grab what is truly a RARE gem - right NOW
Do so here, my friend (while copies last - no, I will NOT change my mind and print more books with this cover and content, so hurry and get in while those 4 copies last). 
Rahul Mookerjee
PS - Takeaway #2 should be obvious. And in case you haven't noticed it, THIS one course was put out specifically to counter that madness (I even include a picture of bloated buffoons on the sales page!).