Friday, 09 April 2021 05:44

Work vs "drink beer and send an email"

I've never forgotten (or I should say, I'll never forget what my one time student Carol told me repeatedly about "work"). 

Every time I asked her to do something, I'd get many answers, but the following was #1 most of the time. 

"But I have to work!" 

Apparently she was always "too busy" because she had to "work" (unless of course it was something she really wanted in case she made time, and how!)

But this isn't about her so much as the statement. 

A girl we both know once made the following statement to me. 

"But we need to work! Not like you, drink beer, send email, make money!" 

Um ... thats a nice, indeed great way to describe it, but I wouldn't quite put it that way! 

Admittedly on occasion I'm drinking a cold one as I send emails, but not "most of the time" by far. 

But yes, I'm usually at home when doing so, of course. 

And yes, the mentality behind what she said is why I want to bring this up. 

Not so much to Tom Tom my own workin techniques, but the thing is this - people have this idea of work being a "dreary slog" that you "must go to the office for" and "put in your 8 hours or 12 or 15 or whatever". 

And then the overtime and what not ... (and remember to fill out the forms for that, if you do that. I remember I constantly would forget when I did it back in college, and then I'd rush after the deadline to do it - but they let me do it, hehe. CSC department was the best!). 

But either way, I've never had that above idea about work, even when I worked at a office. 

Therefore, my ONE hour work day - or actually, half hour in the morning, half an hour at night usually plastered which got me such great results that I mention about in the 10 Commandments of Successful Sales (no, you dont have to plastered in order to do it, but it might help, hehe). 

(And YES, the tips will work in any economy including this one - truly "secret" tips you most likely haven't used before, yet so amazingly easy to do after you read, you'll say VOILA and then smack yourself on the back saying "why didnt I think of this before") 

(The simplest things work the best, as I've often said). 

As Thomas, a great buddy of mine from Germany until this date once told me about a "job shob". 

"We need people like you that can drink!" 

Admittedly my drinking prowress is legendary. Always has been! LOL. 

But the point, again is the following - 

People have this same idea about exercise. 

That it's supposed to be a slog. 

A boring, dreary "pound the pavement or treadmill like" routine. 

That you "need to put in X number of hours at the gym for Y results to show". 

Extreme diets. 

Paying attention the latest protein shakes and supplments out there. 

Looking at the Jassy's doing yoga, hehe (OK, I made that one up, but I actually was - that was very rare for me, by the way! - looking at her one fine day when hiking, and remember, that, despite what Bozo Schofield and his cronies keep asking, is something Rahul Mookerjee DOES NOT DO. i.e. workouts and women do NOT mix for the most part for me! SOLO!) 

It all boils down to this bro. 

Living life like a wild cat. 

When it's time to get the job done, BAM. You get it done. 

The rest of the time, you relax, and do whatever it is you want to ... 

I see nothing wrong with that either, do you? 

Especially not when results pour in as I've mentioned here, and here ... 

Back to the we need to work thingy. 

Uncle Bob once famously made the comment about the General too in that ... 

"Some of us need to actually, you know, WORK!" 

Yet, the General made more than me and him combined while doing his beer drinking, work one day a month routine, hehe. 

Truly a man for the ages!

And on that note, I'm out. 

Back soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - The amount I write, I'm surprised the keys on the keyboard haven't given up. Come to think of it, they HAVE. I can barely see the letters!

PS #2 - Remember the discount. Still there, but it's going - BYE BYE - sometime very soon!

(After I ask a lady what the mirror answered after she asked it "whose the most beautiful").