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When "thats all you have"

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I'l share a story now from 2010, I believe ... back when Fast and Furious Fitness was LAUNCHED!

Back when I had very little marketing experience (remember, everything I learnt was in the trenches), and while yes, I DID work at THAT company where I made all those sales, remember that was a different beast. 

Over here, my own product,s my own books, my own everything. 

I won - and I lost. 

Truly my own show, and it takes guts to run on your own steam with all the negativity abounding, my friend. Trust me on this one. 

This ain't about my guts though which some people love and can't get enough of, and others (a lot more) absolutely hate and despise with a passion bar none. 

It's about a tiny little list of 20 or so I started off with - most people on that list were NOT buyers. 

Now, you can email people all yo uwant, but if theyre not buyers, and have no intention of every buying, you as the biz owner is just pissing into the wind "hoping". 

(Hence my occasional reminders to the same sort of people that might be "lurking" on my list NOW - a humungous one compared to "20"). 

(but no, it ain't a million strong list and I probably wouldn't want a list that large for various reasons anyway)

Anyway, these people (at least 5 or 6 of them very opnely) would come out and say "they were just in for the free stuff". 

If it was now, I'd have simply deleted 'em. 

Back then, I probably should have too. It would have saved me a lot of hassle!

But I wouldn't have learned what I know about that sorta thing NOW. 

Everything I tell YOU, as you can see, my friend is solid and comes from being in the trenches. Fitness, life, everything!

It just flat out works and is true. No why's (well, no idiotic why's). 

So anyway ... 

In 2019, a lady I worked with briefly Venus approached me about ... of all things, cuckolding her husband. 

Dont ask me why or how, because If I detail it here, I'm sure to get more inquiries from Bozos about sex toys and the like. 

But basically, and here is what is pertinent, this dame (lovely dame admittedly) was interested in one thing first and foremost - MONEY. 

"Money is more important than man!" 

So it wasn't especially hard for me to keep the conversation to the former. 

During the October holiday that year, I asked her in jest about goal #2. 

She sent me a picture of herself, another lady I knew, and two men (the husbands). 

I worked with the two ladies, so I knew them. I didnt know the men from Adam, so I asked, and she told me. 

Thats it, I asked jokingly. 

"I know", she giggled, remembering the conversation. 

"But thats all I have now!" 

This girl was a smart girl if nothing else. 

And this philosophy was what I used back then ... 

While building up, I figured "if thats all I had" - indeed as many do, starting from scratch, then why not make a positive out of it? 

Why not make it a goal to sell to these people despite their mindset? 

Yes, it didnt happen overnight. 

Yes, I lost MORE than a few battles - but I WON the war, and Gautam, a great customer from India was one of the lot that came from that initial list, I believ e(or close to it). 

I figured hey, thats all I have - but if I can sell to THEM - I can sell to anyone! 

Truly an education in selling - another education - and I'm glad I got it, hehe. 

And my education, of course is by no means over, but for those that found me or type in the following search word on the site "sales in any economy" - well - get the book NOW without any further procastination (the majority of the list here is for fitness, but some of you aren't - you know who you are!). 

So thats a bit of a tale for you. 

I never did redirect Venus to the "other site" where her other "interests" are discussed. 

But, maybe I should have. Hehe. 

But this is a lesson for EVERYONE - especially during these so called tough times. 

Roll with what you got - make the best of it - and watch how the HEAVENS ultimately open up for you! 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - It is in THAT Spirit that the 0 Excuses Fitness books - and especially the videos were created. 

NO-ONE was willing to do the videos for me, except Cindy, and she had no experience - I speak very little Chinese, and she even less English. 

And yet, did we DO IT? 

Truly no limits when you want to get something done!!

PS #2 - And remember, the Collectors edition of Fast and Furious Fitness is down to the last FOUR copies (or 3, I should say). Geez, I keep forgetting to mention it. If you want it, jump on it NOW. (that particular eidition will never be reprinted).