Saturday, 10 April 2021 10:09

High ENERGY - high OCTANE - and if the emails OVERWHELM - YOU!

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I get it, bro! 

I sure do, hehe. 

With y'all having signed up for ONE email a day, if even that (going by what most gurus do) - and I send you lengthy dispatches damn near every hour, I can sometimes feel people saying. 

Oh boy! 

Here he goes again, hehe. 

Much like my buddy from the Marines once told me about something different. 

"Its overwhelming!" 

Indeed it is, but I've always been this way. Hehe. And thats further credit to my workouts - but it's me, who I am, really. 

I as I just told a customer that bought Fast and Furious Fitness, am from the Donald Trump (inspired, but by no means "owned" or pioneered by him - him and me would both give Napoleon Hill and others the credit, and Hill would too! You PASS it one! As michael once told me. it's a roundabout, Rahul! Amen!) school of HIGH ENERGY - HIGH OCTANE!

Trump did on Shitter before the idiots kicked him off it. 

And now he's got his own website, so I'm sure he'll be blogging etc pretty soon. He's too astute a marketer NOT To, to be honest... 

Difference of course is Twitter is like 140 characters and my emails are like 700 -1000 words each. Hehe. 

I should try and keep things pithy, but the doers love hearing from me, and I give 'em what they want! 

But anyway ... 

So if you've emailed me, and I send you about FIVE email befor eyou reply (remember, sometimes thoughts come to mind randomly - and I just write!) - dont worry. 

Just reply to whichever comes in first or last. So long as you read 'em all, and get back to me and so long as your replies get to me, that is what matters!

Now, to end this one off - a short one for now. 

There are only TWO copies (three, actually, but I'm going to keep one for myself) - for Fast and Furious Fitness - the COLLECTOR's EDITION

We are selling out FAST - makes me wonder why I didnt promote this much last month, hehe (but I was too caught up with Profound Handstands etc and the behemoth on combating and more Nazi feminism and what not...) ... 

So if you want IN - take action NOW. I dont think these wil be around come next week! 

And thats that from me. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS- Also, for ALL you buyers - the email you get after purchase WILL contain a review link - in the past you emaile dme directly - NOW, you can just use the link - it will be auto posted to the site somewhere w.r.t the purchase you made. It'll also keep Bozos like Keith James away that claim I "remove -ve reviews" or some BS. First thing you know, I couldnt do that anyway, this Bozo thinks I'm Jeff Bezos though, hehe, which is not a bad comparison so I guess I should b happy int hat regard. But anyway, Tai Pos aside, I've set it up so that even yours truly cannot modify reviews sent in via that link - so do use it!

As always - to the DOERS - and those that stepped up to the plate and took action and are doing so now - THANK YOU!