Monday, 12 April 2021 10:00

Why ALL lives matter, and not just "BLM"

An idiot on Shanked-In recently privated messaged me the following. 

"I'm putting assholes like you on the list of people to ignore!" 

By the way he - she - was wailing, I'd say she's a Bozo incaranate if not something far worse. 

But anyway, my crime on this one? 

There was some idiocy someone posted with a "yellow and black" arm linked togetther (remember that bit about "Asians and blacks dont get alone", or some such tripe - I'v eeven heard "Blacks and Hispanics" cant stand each other - the things people come up with - yes, if we're talkin gGANGS its true, but not everyone is a gang member!)  to "show soliadarity" against oppression and no prizes for guessing which color was mentioned. 

And of course, it doesnt surprise that a lot of middle aged white women and SJW's etc were up in arms supporting it. 

I normally scroll past this BS. 

But I couldn't resist. 

I posted something to the effect of "I guess I'm misinformed and supporting racism by saying all lives matter? I mean, what do I know, eh. White privelege!" 

I posted that in support of a (I think, not sure) white dude who was getting castigated for saying the same thing in different words. 

Colors aside tho, here's my damn question. 


Doesn't all mean ALL colors? 

Just how the hell is someone being racist by saying all lives matter? 

Isn't racism "discriminating against someone based upon their skin color" (when you boil it right down)? 

So then, if we carp on "just BLM" then - what is NOT racist about that? 

Hey, I get it. 

There's a reason BLM started. 

I dont support what Derek Chauvin did, but I dont support defunding the FINE MEN IN BLUE (and most of them are great guys - barring a few wackos which you can find anywhere) - with whom I've always had good experiences for the most part (and most people I've known that are law abiding have as well) - or ranting against them or tarring them all with the "racist" brush. 

Recently, there was a video being shared of a white officer offering a white suspect water. 

And they were up in arms about that too. 

WTF???  (the bozos claimed with black suspect they'd get kneed to the back - like, again, really - WTF?? Do white suspects not get that - I mean, I know TWO white guys that have suffered the exact same thing for one, and black guys as well!! Hispanic too!) 

Do we want the US to turn into Communist China where they have NO real trials and you're guilty before (if ever) proven innocent and you just are left there to rot forever?

Believe me, I know people that have suffered that fate, and are suffering it now!

No this isn't to imply Orweillianism for everyone in China - if you toe the line and "play it safe" and stay on th right side of the line as I always have - it exists - you're not just fine, you'll enjoy your life there. 

But the point is, you have to do what they want i.e. toe their lines, no questions asked. 

Back to all lives matter - I'm yet to see how saying that is racist. 

If someone can enlighten me, please let me know. 

In the meantime, people that rail againt me saying it can keep railing, because I ain't gonna stop saying it. 

Last, but not least, a couple of - or three things - 

One, the reason Lumber jack Fitness keeps getting delayed is I keep thinking of new things to add into it. Hehe. I want to make this even more of a behemoth than Battletank Shoulders, for instance!

Two, we're open for business - for all colors, and creeds, hehe. We could care less. So says yours truly spiritual yet atheist. 

And three ... were down to one (I think, not sure) copy of Fast and Furious Fitness - the Collector's edition. 

If you want it, jump on this NOW because I ain't gonna do a reprint for that edition. 

I'm out. 

Back soon. 


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Huge thank you to Phil again for his thingy on ebooks etc -- I already knew of the software, but it was only after his recommendation I used it, and it works great from what people are saying. 

Kindle issue solved! 

(except for the books I havent converetd as yet).