Wednesday, 14 April 2021 10:33

My point in bringing up and calling out brazen stupidity the amount I do (sometimes!)

I know. 

Stupidity exists everywhere, so we gotta ignore it. Which I do, really. For the most part it dont affect me none unless ... 

Well, let me explain. Hehe. 

Recently I heard the following from my cute little 7 year old (almot 8!) 

"Dad, you are polluting the planet even more than the rest of the people!" 

"With my farts", you mean, I joked back. 

(running joke, kiddie joke that never fails to crack her up). 

"No! Because you dont care about plastic polluting the earth!" 

What she meant was I dont stand outside my home wherever I am in the world supporting Great Greta Thunberg whoever she is (idiot par excellence according to me) or what not, or cry up a storm about the oil pipelines that the Trumpinator authorized, that Biden then stopped, and that the States are now rightfully FIGHTING against (I mean really - employment, folks! And we have Hiden BIden wanting raise tax on corporates and what not! IDIOICY!) . . .

Anyway, she only said it because Joo Tube is brainwashing her ,but thats easily undone. 

I did it and her mother probably has too. (hopefullt, hehe. You know how that goes!)

But anyway ... 

In 2000, I believe this was ... 

At an Exxon Mart in Mississipi run by a phat phock with jowls so big you could have been forgiven for thinking it was a bovine rumpus or what not, I went in to buy beer. 

A 12 pack of Southpaw, I believe. 

"You can't buy it with this", proclaimed dude, who apparently took a dislike to me the minute he saw me (I felt it). 

White dude. 

I asked why. 

"We dont accept NY state driver;s licenses!" 

I asked this idiot again just why not - I mean if it's only to card people ...  and why the "Socialist Paradise of New York " with an admittedly FAR MORE helpful DMV than I found in MIssissipp for one (perhaps thats just my experience in Schentectady, I dont know) drivers license couldn't be used to card people.  

"Look, Mister, it's a private store, you dont like , you can leave" 

OK ... 

As his cheeks turned purple or something, I left. 

Girlfriend showed up. 

Bought the beer. 

With NO carding (though she was one of these gals that look 20 years younger than she is, and she was around 20 something, and looked not a day over 16...) ... 

Then another incident, curiously enough again at Exxon. A subway there. 

Apparently the admittedly gorgeous black dame prepaing the sandwich didnt do my ex's right, so she said later, and it looked kinda messy - I dont know. 

Mine looked fine, but what do I know about dill pickles, mayonnaise or what not or even if it's done right. 

All food goes into the stomach according to me, so if it doesnt "look good" then so what so long as it tastes good, but I do have to admit there was something off about the ex's sandwich, but I don tknow - bad hair day maybe, or maybe the two gals hated each other on sight. 


Third incident, again at Exxon!

Some fat white chick made the comment about my girlfriend and me aruging, and that (without knowing the history) I was "treating her like crap". 

I wasn't. Neither was she. 

We were getting into it Italian style. 

"Private store, you can leave!" was how it ended. 

We left, and went to the bar next door, continued the argument in the car. 

Security dude came over and told us both "This is a private lot, so we'll have to ask you to leave" WITHOUT taking sides or giving a fig less about the argument. 

Smart guy. Hehe. We both calmed down eventually. 

But I dont know, I guess the reason I keep up bringing up cops, BLM etc. ?

It ain't to curry favor with anyone, I'll be damn sure about that. 

Or I should say, I WANT to make sure ya'll know that. 

Its because of this - people dont realize how good they have it sometimes ... 

In China, they can literally arrest you and throw you in jail WITHOUT A trial for something you didnt do. 

I ain't talking politics or political statements either. 

Friend of mine I wont mention here got thrown in for six months in a hellhole because he "got into a fight and retaliated". 

That is all, and he didnt start the fight. CCTV shows that. 

Yet, in he went. 

I wont mention his name here because his girlfriend is apparently still in the PRC. 

He finally got deported and showed up back Stateside, and all is well since. 

Then anotehr dude who was idiot enough to smoke reefer at a bar and proclaim that "his connections" would save him. 

They didnt. 

He is still in. 

No names again - obvious reasons. 

I wonder if people in general realize how lucky people are to live in a country, where EVERYONE, illegal included have RIGHTS. 

Including apparently the right to vote illegally in certain states (dont get me started on "Dead voters"!) 

And where the cops whether they like it or not HAVE To wear body cameras, follow a set procedure, abide by LAWS just as YOU need to, and so forth ... 

Going by all the bitching and moaning I dont think they do. 

Anyway , fitness wise, I dont know ... 

The book on isometrics, for instance, has attracted plenty of people. DOERS ane the Bozos both. 

The latter who keep carping upon the quality of the pictures and how its "just bodyweight exercises", 

How dare I put out a book on isometrics, and it be about ... GASP! Isometrics!

And the former, of course the doers praising it and rightfully so by saying "what looks easy is anything BUT". 

No prizes for guessing which side of the line I'm on - firmly so! 

All for now. 

I hope that explained why I keep bringing certain topics up - because I really, really think the cops get more flak than they should for one, and well, a drop in the ocean, I know, but every little bit COUNTS!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Two copies left for The Collector's Edition of Fast and Furious Fitness, Hurry, as this won't last foreever!

PS #2 - Most of the books are also in Kindle format now, not all, but 90 plus percent, and I'llbe 100 percent done soon.