Saturday, 17 April 2021 07:56

"Hello. Are you a author or a writer"

I received an interesting one from Vicky in China - though I've no idea why she sent it over. 

(Hopefully not "monkey writing jobs" - one can never tell with these idiots). 

(On that note, I recieved another wacko WeShat message from another "Vicky" - also in China - asking me for the nth to do dancing monkey jobs which I simply won't. Ugh). 

But anyway, THIS Vicky (the third one was the one that called foreigners "cheap" and what now while being the first in line to snap up "red packets" or other stupidity - basically a female version of the Bozo) .. actually asked something decent!

And it made me pause and THINK. 

Because it's the first time I've been asked that!

are you a author?

or writer


Well ... 

If you were to ask me off the bat? 

I'd say writer. 

Then I'd pause and say PUBLISHER. 

Because to me, there is a huge difference between a writer/author, and a publisher. 

In all my writing ventures I call myself a PUBLISHER for the most part, although "who I am" is a writer, to me. 

But in actuality, I didnt really know the difference between a writer and author, and never bothered to find out. 

To me, it boils down to "if you write a book under your name", you're an author. 

If you publish it, you're both. 

and if you just write, well, you're a writer .. 

Other than that, I'v enever stopped to consider it!

And I wonder why she's asking me that. 

But it brings that ole story up about piegon holing, which I hate. 

"Starving author" 

"Foregin devil" 

"He doesnt go to an office so doesnt work" 

"Drink beer and send emails" 

"Just bodyweight exercises, so of course they're useless" 

"How can pushups build any strength" ... 

Or any of the other things one "automatically assumes" which in reality are the exact opposite ... 

Why someone would ask me what she did is beyond me. 

Maybe there's a reason. We'll see!

But for the fitness side of things? 

Bodyweight exercise guru - and someone that does it - and keeps it real - and encourages, even exhorts YOU to do the same!

Anyway, this is a quick one. 

Maybe I'll write more on it later!


Rahul Mookerjee

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