Thursday, 29 April 2021 17:47

Why I believe the "it's me! Accept me for who I am or else!" culture has been taken to giddy limits

People just dont get it, my friend - and it's getting WORSE by the day - has been for years now.

You see, and hear about it all the time where laziness and the "abnormal" or what they consider normal and you consider an aberration to the norm just HAS to be not just accepted, but applauded also because if you don't, you know, you'll hurt their wee delicate feelings, and all Cain will break loose in a whiny fashion ..

Let's say a person is lazy - is supposed to do writing, or start a new business, or get a start on it at least, and has been "promising" to herself to do it for a month or so.

Over an entire month, she's done "F-ALL" towards this goal.

She finds time to piss and moan on social media about "I dont feel like it, so I'm not going to be hard on myself! IT's ME!!! I need me time! I need this, that (insert excuse of choice)"

"Im so awesome, because I'm ME!"

"I dont need to think about what I should be doing. It's me! I do it MY WAY!" 

Or, you might have a wacko that gets fired from each job he or she is at.

"So what! It's them! It's not me! They claimed I had BFF syndrome (RBF)"

(and none of their posts will honestly say "hey man, I hated the job, so I did all could to GET fired or just quit myslf") (I'd get it if they said that).

Or, a lazy ass thats supposed to start a fitness program tomorrow, then day after, then the day after, and then .... well, he takes to social shedia.

"I'm tired! My life is stressful! Understand me!"

Followed by a bunch of idiotic she male like "sympathy" images if you get my drift.

Or, someone that doesnt quite understand a new language (or even any language).

So what, thi sperson might say. I have my own good and strong points, and when someone explains or tries to explain what he or she doesnt get, of course.


I am not sure, my friend, when "accepting a person for who they are" means that person doesnt need to improve upon and fix their flaws and weak links as opposed to Tom Tom them and believe me, we all have 'em?

It's one thing to market yourself that way.

Hell, I do it all the time!

But I make damn sure I'm an expert, or close to one, on the topics I'm talking about. Fitness. Life. Motivation. Sales. Business. Hell, even "girls" to an extent. Bozos. or what not.

I make sure I'm an expert, or at the very least, I KNOW what I'm yellin about as opposed to trying to cover up my own flaws!

Look at Donald Trump, a master of marketing this way (and I do it too, like I said).

He does it so naturally I dont think he even realizes it.

So do I, come to think of it ... have been all my life!

(It's only later that I realized what an asset it was that I didnt know)

But he's got personality - and he's got BRAIN - and he's got common sense, and he UNDERSTANDS what he's talking about as opposed to Mr or Miss or in between Bozo "limp fish" personality that is just making those statements to cover up their own shortcomings, flaws and weaknesses that DO matter, and that they're too lazy to fix.

I dont know, thats my take on it. I see it all the time - and it's not so much the words as the vibe behind 'em!

To me, it's about FIXING the weak links in your chain - and making them your strongest points - like I did with my grip - and pull-ups.

To me, if Jeff Bezos came to me tomorrow and looked at what I do, and said "hey, Rahul, thats great! But you should probably be doing this this way...."

Guess what I'd do.

I'd be tearing the door down to do exactly as Jeff said and LEARN from him, even though I might have done the same thing myself!

THAT is the attitude to have in my opinion along with the "accept me for who I am" thing which is fine - until a point.

Anyway, thats my take on it.

I know a lot of you have encountered this sorta thing these days - whats your take on it?

Write back - and let me know! (and dont even get me started on all sorts of idiotic ways of living and piercings and what not been "Forced" upon thos eof us that dont want it and we're expected to say its normal. Eff that!).

I'm out. For some well deserved R & R if you get my drift ...

I'll let you know how it went! ;)


Rahul Mookerjee

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PS # 2 "Me, Me, Me" is great - IF AN DONLY IF the person makes SENSE! If not, it's just more idiotic babble from Humpty in Brum as it were .. (again, if you get my drift, hehe).

And really - whatever happened to the good ole kick up the rumpus for someone that DESERVES IT?