Friday, 30 April 2021 09:18

On real life HEROS that deserve all the accolades they get, and why I won't and don't miss Michael Jackson one damned bit

China, you beauty.

And it's not even just that - my long hair and English name in China "Michael" gets me called "Michael Jackson" a lot - a name that is #4 on the name of uncomplimentary names (now ballooned to over 2000 plus like a certain Jumpty Humpty if you get my drift we spoke about earlier who as usual never responded to my call to get it on mano-o-mano and is instead sending me inane notes like "CurryGuzzler!" .. I swear, if there is ONE person that stays glued to my dispatches. its Schofield from Brum) . . .

Hey, I love me a good curry. Although I can't cook it if you paid me to do so! Hehe.

And every time it does (the name)?

I tell the person NOT to call me that - the other names, I could care less.

(In China apparently Michael Jackson is "face". Much like with the profoundly useless Apple phones, the Chinese see only "face" - and with Jackson, most dont even know the crappier side of him - or they choose to ignore it. Ugh!)

but anyway, Michael Jackson?


I saw a post on Piinked Out (go figure) about a person that got involved with the Black Hole that is Joo Tube, for one.

And so I read it, but unfortunately its a post about "missing a legend".


I dont know.

To me he's vile, lowest of the low - right up there with Bozo Schofield - wacko - child molester - and paedophile - call me all the names you like, friend, but not Michael Jackson, that guy is just ... not fit to live.

And the Universe saw to that apparently.

Sure, his music was popular, his work was no doubt good if looked at it in isolation.

But sometimes, you can't look at things in isolation!

Ugh is all I gotta say to that.

Anyway, real life heroes?

I am loathe to mention his name here since it wouldn't do it justice to mention him in the same breath as Jackson.

So, go here to read about a REAL HERO if you get my drift!

THESE are the people we need to celebrate.

THESE are the people that deserve to be mentioned.

THESE are the people that get it!

And THESE are the people the world needs to mention and talk about as opposed to wackos.

And more ...

I'm out -I've been sending too many emails, already, hehe. So I'll keep this short!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Remember, and pay attention to what he says about GRIP. YES!