Sunday, 02 May 2021 10:51

Why LICKDOWNS are another means of global CONTROL

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One's gotta be a total BOZO to not see it, honestly. An ignorant MORON!

And really, a great customer of mine said this a few weeks back.

"This whole Wu Flu thing was set up to control the populations" (amongst other things).

I agreed with them, but I spoke more about controlling through panic, which i've spoken about so often that post - Apoclyapse (hehe) you'll find me STILL saying it.

Hopefully people in general will listen it.

Right now, Hannibal is indeed leading the very willling sheep to the slaughter.

And as the world's second most, or most, depending upon how you look at it moves closer towards imposing complete lockdown, and has been adopting China like surviellance tactics on social She-dia etc (increasingly, Twitter is banning posts in India much like they banned Trump in the US - posts critical of the government and such) - right down to the latest ie using "students" (medical students" as front line warrior, shades of China's "Great Leap Backwards" in the 1960's and the devastation internally caused by this (no war!) comes to mind.

They won the war with INdia, yes.

but internally - they were destroyed due to their own policies at that time, one of which included getting KIDS - yes - KIDS to berate parents who didnt support their country's restrictive BS.

And it's only gotten worse.

Right now, their censorship is the most sophisticated in the world.

When you think China, you think JAIL.



Well, that still happens, dont get me wrong -Xinjiang, Tibet, Inner Mongolia etc.

Big time.

But they only put people in jail that they can benefit from - remember, Commies only do things if there is any advantage to them - they do NOTHING WITHOUT REASON!

And right now, my own WeShat messages are being censored - probably personally by someone who doesnt want to.

I can feel it!

It ain't the Bozo reporting me on WeShat either.

They know how the Bozo is. Hell, they deported him, never me.

But I never broke a law. Hehe. He did - many!

But I do say and do certain things that skirt the edge of "censorship" - like this post, and my site is blocked in mainland China, but I could give a rats ass LESS to be honest.

And right now, it's happening.

But right down to the inane control of locking people up at home, scaring people big time, vaccines that were neither tested nor do they effing work 100% - and the fact that India had NARY A CASE before the last year's mad lockdown done on the spurt of the moment (I didnt misspell) - for a REASON! - people still don't get it!

I give up.

All I will say it this, and what Trump has been saying all along, and what I have too.

I truly believe the elections have been stolen.

I always did.

And I truly, truly believe - precautions - NOT PANIC!!

For whoever wants to listen, that is.

And I'm out. '

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - No link in this one. Take that for what you may!