Friday, 07 May 2021 13:17

Why you shouldn't let trolls bother you, and yet - mention them!

Lots of you have been hit by the infamous troll (not Schofield, again on this one). There's plenty of his ilk.

And lots of people have one or more of the reactions -

Back down.

Get pissed off - upset - angry!


Secretly check websites etc to see "what the person is up to" (like the Bozo does me, oddly enough. He's on block on all social media, yet he's so obsessed with me he can't keep away hehe).

Quite literally!

Or, worry. (will it hurt sales, what wil lpeople think, and so forth).

And more ...

Trolls can literally ruin lives in some cases, and have in many.

But guess what.

Its if you LET THEM.

Give a troll power, and he'll wield it. In the most unfair of manners (you'd think).

But that power, my friend, is mostly mental and trolls dont get it - and most people don't either.

For example, the attacks made on yours truly - not just by trolls - but people of various shapes, hues, genders, colors and more ...

Nary a day passes by without me getting attacked in some way, shape or form.


And nary a day passes by when I Dont WANT to!

Sounds odd, I know.

But the minute I see people NOT hating on me - the minute I see I'm going down!

As Emerson said in the Laws of Compensation, "I'd rather have BAD things written about me than honeyed words of praise everywhere".

And you don't have to look further than one of the most successful men in history (since certain wack jobs reading this will say "Oh, he doesnt have 2 million followers on I-blew-Tube!" or some such inane nonsenscial
social proof), US President Trump to see the truism in this.

He ain't the only one by far tho.

And yes, the elections were stolen, and the real Prez in my book is Trump.

Anyway, these trolls are mostly lonely and broke people at the end of the day my friend -usually trolling away in Moms basement for cheap thrills (to them).

When the Bozo infested Charles's house, until the infamous break up - or after it, I remember Charles angrily telling me.

"He sits here, he messes the room uip, he doesnt clean after himself, he eats all my food, he drinks all my beer, and doesn't pay for any of it!"

Quite the unwanted house guest was the Bozo, and I suspect after getting thrown out, face down in his underwear on the street he too knows it.

So do the cops in J ... Jieyang??? I forgot, but I think thats it!

But anyway, before that?

"Oh, Glyn's alright. He sits in a room and trolls people all day and night, but other than that he doesnt do much".

Well, Charles, you're right.

Hannibal, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde all rolled into one.

He's the king of trolls yes (or the third gender King), but they're all the same essentially, and you, my friend, would be an idiot NOT to profit from them!

Maybe I'll put out a book on in in the future - stay tuned.

But as for perfect houseguests, Charles then mentioned a certain other friend "Nick" who was the exact opposite of the Bozo in he kept the place neat and clean, asked before bumming all of the beer etc, paid for what he ate, offered to help in the cooking etc - like a good houseguest should!

"Now thats what you call a good house guest!" he said.

I agree ...

For now, remember there are many ways to beneift, and immediate financial gain (although that DOES happen a lot) isn't just what I mean.

Trolls can boost your biz long term big time.

And one secret to understanding this is that no-one, not even trolls themselves are perfect.

Far from it, bro.

Always an axe to grind ...

Anyway, more on that later.

But thats why I dont mind the troll attacks as much as I perhaps should. Again, more later, but I had to get that off my chest.

Anyway ..................

Lets end with a question from "Patrick B" (last name withheld upon request) who found me through social she-dia.

"Why should I buy from you? Can you convince me?"


My answer -


If you'r enot convinced by now, assuming you're on the list, you never will be. So please, do NOT Buy no matter what!

And two?

If you're not on the list, and not following me on social media, do so NOW.

And if you're not convinced then, well, the Internet's a big place my friend ....

Sorry, but I'm not going to bend over backwards to convince nuts who never ever will.

As for this social media thing, yes, I dont use it a lot.

I've started as of late, but I'm not really using it for sales.

More to say "on the spur of the moment" things such as what I did about MMA fighter John Wren, truly a REAL HERO in my book.


And thats basically the reason why ...

But above all, stay on the list -its the real McCoy!

I'm out. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee