Tuesday, 11 May 2021 18:47

On those that willingly send themselves to the looney tune bin

This post is probably going to set me for a chorus of "A ................. hole!"

But thats nothing new.

So be it.


Coz, some things - -

Behold the following -

In January of this year, I had a breakdown in my mental health and admitted myself to a psychiatric ward.

It wasn’t what I wanted to do, but it was necessary as I had been struggling with a multitude of stressful events over the previous few months:

Moving house (twice!)
Coping with family illnesses
Overload of client work
Emotional stress
Furnishing a new flat
Managing with the pandemic restrictions
Dispute with a neighbour

With all these events, it's no wonder that it tipped me over the edge and I needed help.

With hindsight, I can see that one of the patterns I've noticed most in my life and business is my tendency to be a people pleaser.

With the help of my transformational life coach, I've begun to see myself in a new light and will be putting myself first as the number 1 person I need to be kind to.

What this means is a recalibration of my life and my priorities. I won't be chasing after validation from other people - I already am enough. I believe I have a lot to offer yet in life and it's time I took the opportunities to become the best version of me possible.

I'm looking to surround myself with people who support me in that goal.

Could you be one of those people?

Now, of course this post got a multitude of likes etc  .... and the usual "I'm soooooooooooo sorry" and "No, dahhhllllinnnnn, you're SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO brave!" idiotic comments.

(Ever wondered why sometimes posts that make sense get zero engagement (seemingly, but a lot of VIEWS, so people are reading, hehe) while the wackjobs hog the attention?

In this case, she checked herself in ...

Worry not, my friend.

The bottom line counts, not appearances. Do it right, and YOU will be the one with the better, far better bottom line - but anyway, this ain't about "how to post on social media".).

To let you know as well, back in the day, I had a girlfriend who'd at the slighest hint threaten to "commit suicide" or check herself into the looney tune bin.

I remember a time in NY where I was bitching about the "hard disk" of the computer not showing up along with the damned monitor (we moved from the South to the Communist Paradise of NY State) and were in one of those "apartment style motels" and I was setting the damn compute rup for a week for whatever reason (I think we woul dtake that long to figure out our final apartment? Dont know, can't quite recall why!).

I still remember my ex getting pissed during the argument, driving off in a huff in a white rental Toyota.

"I'm going to drive this over the edge"

Not that I thought she would, but I called the good ole men in blue, and soon enough, a fine gentleman - an older guy showed up.

"I've got a daughter just like that", he grinned.

And told me to "calm down" and ...well, women will be women!

she drove back, he did the usual "calm down" thing and left.

Great guy!

As I read about the Commies in California (at an Univ no less) wanting to defund the police, and Mike Pompeo's Twitter note on it, I let my feelings be known in NO uncertain terms.

"Why does it not surprise me that the defund police shouts are loudest in the Socialist Republic of Seattle and the Communist Paradise of Californa! Then these people scream about increasing crime the next day!

What Bozos!"

(for background, apparently the leftist buffoons at the University of California felt that "campus police stressed them out due to past experience or some bullshit" ... )

Anyway, the lovely ex used to do this quite a lot, including "check herself into the looney tune bin on occasion", because, didnt you know?


For reasons that you and I would LAUGH At.

Of course, she had "mental problems" and I was insensitive.


People that don't help themselves are just LOSERS my friend. Period. Yes, there are some times when people need help - many times, but by and large, folks need to toughen up!

(not to mention, these idiots dont know how lucky they are that they can call 9-11 and someone will help 'em when they dont need it. In China, they'll LAUGH in your face. In India, they might not even answer the damn phone, hehe. In fact, the cops won't be shy about telling you that either!)

(And before the left starts - yes, I know this isn't about India, but it IS about keeping it real)

And this plague is bringing that home in more ways than one.

Anyway, these reasons ...

Moving house (twice!)

Rahul - Boo hoo! I've had to move FOUR times at one point within the period of six months in CHina, all by myself ... big friggin deal.

Coping with family illnesses

Rahul - well, checking yourself into the looney tune bin doesnt help them? It just puts YOU in a place where you can kid yourself "I'm recovering" but in reality you know you're HIDING from the probems you oughta face!

Overload of client work

Rahul - I swear, these people are idiots of the grandest order. When they dont find work, they complain. When they find "too much", they bitch about being stressed out. Or, they'll bitch about the pay. Or something.

I mean, get real!

Emotional stress

Rahul - I won't even get into THAT.

Furnishing a new flat

Rahul - Such a pity!


Rahul - My word! Christmas! How dare it!!!

Managing with the pandemic restrictions

Rahul - Honey, you don't know the first or the first LETTER of the word Restriction x 100!

Dispute with a neighbour

Rahul - Again, cry me a fucking river . . .

I gotta say - WHAT is the world coming to with these panderers running supreme everywhere . . .

I mean yes, and again, there are some cases in which people genuinely need help.

Oddly enough in those cases those same people won't get it (Bozo Schofield for one - now that boy needs some serious, serious shrink attention! Thats a tough case tho!).

But really, sac up and grow a pair is what I'd tell this lady.

Of course, that would get me nowhere in the silly woe betide me thread she started, so I'm saying it here.

Folks- man up - and do so NOW.

And workouts like I advocate will play a huge, huge role in getting you there.

Here is where you can get on 'em - 0 Excuses Fitness Products.

I'll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Remember, Ship membership gets YOU free access - lifetime access to everything digitally so long as your membership stays active and valid.

PPS - Not to mention this lady left out the prime thing to include in any social media post i.e. what can i do for YOU - as opposed to "you do this for me", but then again, these whinging cry babies types do - well, just that! Me, me, me! 

(Curiously enough one of the latest unsubscribes was from a me.com address, hehe).

Not to mention she starts off with "I didnt want to, but... "

Of course.

You didnt want to.

Like anyone "would want"!

Then again, she called them and got herself checked it so she did want!