Thursday, 13 May 2021 07:44

Why the Israel Palestine issue really, really bothers me ...

I was not going to write about this, my friend. I thought about doing so this morning, but I thought better not to.

Yet, I have to.

It's just ....

It's one of those situations - rare situations, but it's there - where BOTH parties have a valid viewpoint somewhere in there, there's layers and layers upon complexity and more.

The Holocaust. The Balfour Declaration a lot of people dont know about that created chaos "later down the road" and much else ...

(A lot of these "declarations" - much like the Simla Pact in India, which the Chinese never officially recognized - and led to ... TIBET! ... I gotta say, that messes things up even more).

As of now, I dont know - the only thing I hope for is PEACE.

Which of course given the contentious history between these two is not likely to happen anytime soon.

But the way it's escalating, with everything going on across the globe?

With global partners involved (and of course ... CHINA! China doesnt consider Hamas to be a terrorist organization, while they themselves subjugate their Muslim population beyond belief. IRONY - HYPOCRISY!) everywhere ... this thing could rapidly spiral out of control.

With no President Trump to broker peace like he did last year, the thing only risks getting out of hand.

Iran. China. Palestine. And of course, Israel and their supporters ...

Personally, if I were asked to mediate hypothetically speaking?

Man, it would be a TOUGH ONE!

But the things we ALL need to take a stance on -

One, known terrorist organizatins cannot be allowed to lead a country. So I think, at least.

Two, there must be PEACE.

Three, civilians must be left out of it - which is impossible, I know.

Fourth, a lot of people are talking about Israel's "inappropriate use of escalation given it's clearly the stronger one in the battle" (like a lion and deer in a cage fight).

Thing is though, if terrorists lob rockets into your populated area repeatedly, sometimes you HAVE To respond like that .

Look at the Bozo Schofield saga for one.

He's calmed down over the past few weeks.

Before that - even though I could really take it to him in all regards and probably will when I See him, I never did.

And you see how he responded.

Bullies and attackers must be brought down is my view - by any means necessary.

Liberal Biden style "wishy washiness" isn't going to solve anything.

Sometimes, you take the tough decisions.

And Hamas using kids etc as shields and claiming :they have no choice isn't exactly something I support either.

But it breaks my heart nonetheless to see the chaos on both sides, especially civilian deaths and the rapidly escalating civil war like situation in a few Israeli towns and so forth.


That is what we all want, or should want, anyway ...

Anyway, it's a complex issue.

If y'all have any thoughts on it - write back and let me know!

And that, my friend is that.

On a more peaceful note, remember this - the LAST copy of Fast and Furious Fitness - The Collector's Edition is sitting here - ready for the taking.

Oddly enough, the rest all sold out within a week.

Maybe the Universe wants me to keep this last one, hehe.

So, see how it goes!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Make love, not war? I'd say do pushups, don't fight! Hehe.