Sunday, 23 May 2021 07:31

Why men leave Nazi feminist women - or why they should, at least.

Picture this, my friend.

A guy that pays the bills around the house - 90% of them.

A girl that "chips in when she can" - and even then she's constantly moaning, groaning, and bitching up a storm about money.

A guy that "either by hook or crook" does half of the dishes, or at least unloading the dishwasher etc as a "job" while the girl who does it "when she wants to".

A guy that gets NO benefits around the house other than what the Nazi feminist woman "wants".

(or, that she has no choice over). (The ones she DOES? She'll make sure to make his life hell "until he pays for it in one way or the other" - except when the shoe is on the other foot i.e. HE wants the same? Nothing doing! "Those big bad men! Wail! They torture us")

And of course, anyting the guys wants - needs - anything at all - last priority, if at all!

It was a great customer indeed that made the comment about women being windup artists, and NOTHING MORE in the grand scheme of things.

That might sound harsh, but think about all the nasty and incorrect things women say about MEN?

Anyway - back to it -

A guy that is constantly working to improve his life - while a woman who does NOTHING to improve hers, but bitches up a storm about "it being the guy's fault" all the time.

A guy that is supposed to bring home the bacon, and DOES - and a woman that ...well, she's a "Chinese or Korean or American or American Australian" soap opera fanatic - and a woman that is supported by other Nazi feminist women and cucked men in doing so.

And of course, a woman that will threaten to stop doing her share of the chores (which equates to a big fat ONE i.e. cooking as an example) at the slighest hint of "disobedience".

This, my friend, is the scene in most Nazi feminist dominated households, except ...

... more and more men - and WOMEN are waking up to it!

And not all of the men living in said households are cucks.

Some are very vehemently NOT.

And therefore ...

I might not agree with Charles on a lot of things. (the friend).

But he was dead on right when he told his girl the other night who was bitching about "his romantic entanglements and how she didnt agree with 'em" (like someone asked her).

"Look, this guy is here on his own! It''s none of your damn business!"

And he was right. No-one asked for her silly opinion on it.

He was right too in that he didnt get into the right wrong BS part of it, when truth be told, sometimes, there "is no right and wrong" because you look at the overall situation, not the idiotic blame game these women in general play!

And a girl who Chuck himself once told me "she doesnt do SHYT around the house" (basically the same thing as the situation above).

And a girl (the one in the situation above) who does everything possible to irritate, annoy, delay, postpone, put off what has to be done, make the guy do WAY more than his fair share etc . . .

And of course, Chuck gets routinely blamed for "mistreating" her when she probably does more than her fair share of it too in one way or the other.

The shoe is always on their foot, it seems!

Anyway, did this strike a chord, my friend?

Yours truly has plenty of experience in all this - not the being cucked part, because I never was, and refuse to be.

No matter what.

But, I've got plenty of experience dealing with Nazi feminists, and can help YOU - and I know a lot of YOU are dealing with way worse than what I've mentioned above.

I can help YOU get past all of this - wait for the book on it. Whenever it comes, along with all the rest of the "to be released" books.

Over the last couple of days, I've been busy dealing with Amazon.

If it ain't one thing it's the other.

Then, software has stopped installing on the lovely laptop I have.

If it ain't one thing, it's the other!

And so ... again, books on hold "for now".

But anyway, fitness wise, there is a lot to learn HERE.

(we've been redoing the look of the site, newsletter functions etc a little as well).

Anyway, then they wonder why "men leave".

And the idiots call those that are smart "deserters".

Until, of course they're Jeff Bezos or the like, and then of course "anything they do is acceptable including a harem right in front of them".

Pathetic it's come to this, hehe, but I just told you rule numero uno in terms of dealing with all this very succesfully if you can spot it!

And I'll be back.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Ever notice that Nazi feminists NEVER call women out for cheating?

Married women cheating on their husbands - cuckolding them with yours truly - I told other women about it, and the reply?

"So what! Women can do it!"

And men cant.