Monday, 31 May 2021 07:02

The "we're" nobody thinking!

All the time while growing up, I heard the following from one person or the other - in one way, shape or form.

"We're nobody!"

This was of course most commonly heard in family when I had an issue, or somethign needed to be resolved (per my satisfaction, not what someone else thought was right, and so forth) ...

I heard it directly often.

But I've heard it INDIRECTLY more often - via vibes and feeling.

Ever wonder why a lot of people, my friend - never get to enjoy LIFE like it should - or perhaps dont attain whatever financial goal they deem are important to them?

Because deep down inside "we're nobody" is what drives them - though they might not show it externally.

I've seen it with more people I care to talk about.

It's also a fact that birds of a feather flock together - so if you've got people thinking that way, those you attract to YOU will naturally think that way too.

Except, if you're the free bird that dies when caged, and refuses to be in the first place.

And, if caged against its will it might break its beak getting out - but get out it will!

When confronted with a problem - an annoyance - a customer service related issue - anything - arguments - etc - ANYTHING - you'll never once hear me say the above.

In fact, it wouldn't be a stretch to say I've never thought the above or said it in my LIFE.

PErhaps thats why I'm doing what I am now!

Despite everything else ..

It boggles my mind - always has - just what gives someone the right to not just tell themselves they're nobody (bad enough) - but try and foist it on to others too?

Of course you're a somebody - we all are!

THAT is the foundation that Jeff Bezos built his fortune and Amazon on, though precious few realize it, and those that read this will probably just pass on by without thinking much about it.

Ho hum, they'll say.

But think about it, friend.

It might seem like "you're just one man with no power to change anything".

So were all the greats you see NOW that have changed things beyond imagination.

In many, if not all cases they were "less than nobody" and left for "finished".

Yet, they didnt give up on their ideal - their goals.

Which they didnt necessarily share with the world!

So this thinking, my friend - is what YOU need to change - right NOW - and if you dont have it - well, you may want to do a self analysis, way more people think this way than they'd otherwise think themselves not to if you get my drift.

Personally, if I thought I was a nobody, I wouldn't have gotten the superb results I have in all areas of my life - despite some tremendous lows that most people will never ever see - but the highs made it worth it.

And still do.

But anyway, fitness wise.

Why can't YOU, the current "dud" at pull-ups (if you are) - become a stud - or super stud - or better?

Or, the pushup guru par excellence?

Or, the guy with the six pack with real strength everyone envies?

Or, the guy that BETTERS Rahul Mookerjee fitness wise?

Or ...

You get the photo, friend.

Can you tell me ONE single good reason as to why it's "not possible" or wont happen?

If its logical, I'll listen.

Thing is, there IS NEVER a reason why you aren't a somebody - or if you want to be one, why you couldn't become one - in any area of your life.

Fight against this all you will.

But it's true!

I'll be back.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Lots to share, so much!