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Why I'll fight serial refunders till the day I DIE (or pass on, hehe)

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Because some things to me, bro, are "actually" worth more than $$.


I know.

The high ticked fitness books (someone recently told me "Im the most expensive out there!") seller saying that, and he continues to say it.

Especially to bogus fitness so called "experts" talking about feet on his site (Bozo Schofield would love it!) ... but anyway, we'll get to him later.

Actually, I got to him here BEFORE as well ..

But anyway, a couple of years ago, a guy bought 0 Excuses Fitness, and the book on reverse pushups "the best darn exercise ever" (check the testimonials for that, and you'll see just why I called it that - BEFORE - YEARS BEFORE the testimonial was sent my way and put on the site).

Truly "visionary"?


But anyway, much like I can predict what Bozos will do next, and the future in general through my dreams (would you believe it, the recent and idiotic Fotis Chat mess, and what I'm writing today - all via dreams!! The subconscious, my friend, is where it is at. IF you can use it!)

And no, copying me and just doing it wont work either in that regard. Way too many people try and fail.

Anyway, Tom tomming aside, he bought the books, and for some reason didnt get them through the system (we had a different book delivery system back then which I've since replaced with the ultra, mega reliable system I use NOW).

OK, no problem - he emailed me abou tit, I sent the books in.

They were priced at the time significantly LOWER than what they should have been and are now (I increased price immediately after what happened).

A week later, he got back saynig "he didnt like the books and wanted a refund and showed me some so called puffed and buffed fitness experts he liked more".

I didnt respond to him.

Sure enough, he filed a claim, or chargeback, or whatever it was with Paypal whining.

They didnt support his case, telling him "buyer regret is something we cannot support!"


And the same thing, my friend, happened to an extent with Fotis Chat - the case I mentioned here.

It pissed me off big time because I helped the guy with a LOT of free advice - more than I should have!

The deal was I promote him once, and that would be that regardless of anything else.

But I tried to help him.

I gave him advice for free - very valuable advice he ignored.

(And he's still trying to steal customers off this list, despite filing a refund claim or some nonsens eon Paypal).

And yes, he was offered a rate WAY lower than I'd give most people, if at all, to be on a stellar list like this with QUALITY people.

In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if ... but anyway, price aside - here's what really pissed me off.

His dishonesty.

And he ain't the only one.

Bozo Schofield.

Then all the other serial refunders I keep referring to.

It's not so much the cash, its the way they stab you in the back and flat out lie, and I simply cannot take that.

Yes, my time would probably be better served just refunding Bozos who don't deserve it - but I wont do that, and never have.

'Tis a matter of principle to me.

I should have never promoted this clown I did - gut feeling told me not to, and I ignored it, and of course...!

Anyway ...mistake made, learnt, and we move on!

But a note to the "unknowing".

Paypal has as of late got a lot of flak for not supporting people, for deducting money willy nilly from people's accounts and so forth.

But my experience with them has always been different.

True, they're a pain in the ass to get a hold of sometimes.

But once you do get a hold to them, their general level of customer service is far better than you'd think - an actual HUMAN talking to you as opposed to a bot.

Of course, you have to be rational and logical and prove your case.

Which yours truly always does.

To me, it's about the principle, and nothing else!

And I dont just fight these Bozos on this site - I fight them on many others too!

Becaus ethats the right thing to do.

Anyway , that ends this "righteous" (or perhaps moralistic to an extreme, I dont know?) email from me ...

... but remember, do the right thing - truly so - by yourself for your fitness too by investing in the 0 Excuses Fitness System today.

it's truly the best ever!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Do the thing, and you shall have the power. (Emerson)

PS #2 - The guy mentioned above is a THIEF and a liar- unsuccessful at the first, but probably very much so at the second. Do what you will this advice, but it's true!

i.e as I said on the other site, I take back any and all recommendations I made for him and now do NOT recommend him, period. No matter how good or bad his book is! It ain't about that. It's about PRINCIPLE, not business, and I'm sure y'all agree!

(Social SheDia Edit - Some may dismiss this as overly moralistic prattling. So be it! The Smart ones know it's about being a success at life and business -i.e. do the right thing above all, friend!!)

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