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Saturday, 12 June 2021 07:14

Why both size and "shape" matters,hehe.

I know, I know. 

But I'm talking clubs. 

And not the Glyn Schofield like "club" he hangs out with the dudes, or the club he loves on the hockey field, or anything like that. 

It's the Jori we're talking about here. 

Indian clubs!

The Gada and the Jori for what it's worth along with a climbing rope - are PRIME training exercises in any old time Indian wrestler's routine, for one. 

Real wrassling, like Persian wrestling, Iranian wrestling, Greco Roman - and what not - anything but the highly enjoyable pantomine the WWE and it's muscle bound China kow towing monsters are. 

Although I have to wonder, rather than backfire on the otherwise very "loveable" John Cena (who I and scores of others have roundly criticized for the recent kow tow) - it might actually end up helping him. 

Given the number of countries that are saying the same thing now, hehe ... 

But yeah, in general Hollywood needs to grow a pair - big time. 

Some of the Chinee heroines seem to have more balls than Hollywood in general, to be honest. 

And as for what I wrote about earlier in Korea? 

Well, watch the Meg - the Chinese actress (Fan bing bing? Not sure) - does that same gesture all the time. No, it's not "by chance" as the Bozos and feminists would have you believe, everything happens for and is done for a reason, especially in china. 

Or anything China dominated or influenced. 

Anyway, Indian clubs for one. 

While climbing rope is a superlative exercise - and one I'll write about in books upcoming (believe me, there are entire workouts you can do just that way that will fry not just your upper body but legs too if you can believe that - similar to what I mention in Pull-ups - from STUD to SUPER STUD - yes, those workouts give you cardio - and fry the legs too!) . . . this is about clubs. 

The "gada", for what it's worth is a massive mighty mace. 

If you visit the 0 Excuses Fitness System page, you'll see the great Gama of India standing there with it. 

But the jori is an infinitely, at least in my opinion - MORE VALUABLE training tool. 

The gada - especially the heavier ones work better as one time lifts. 

Make no mistake, they build strength and power like few other exercises can, especially if you swing from shoulder to shoulder (caution - NOT for beginners or those think "think" they're strong because they can bench an elephant - these maces wil humble the strongest of men very quickly, and injure too if you ain't careful). 

So will the joris - Indian clubs. 

And they'll rehabilitate and focus and build sold, superlative, tensile strength in the shoulders and ligaments like NO other exercise can. 

Other than handstand pushups, but these joris tax the shoulders in way few other movements can and have been used for centuries by Indian wrestlers to build shoulder strength and stability - believe me, the latter is important whe you're doing real lifting and wrassling for one. 

Remember those Chinese girls digging into my shoulder years ago and me squealing with pain? 

(and them giggling. lol at the fat phock who couldn't take Chinese massages?) 

It was cute, actually. 

Now, you could press poke and prod all day, and you wouln't hear a peep out of me, but my traps? 

Now thats another story!

While they don't hurt like before, they still stay sore as heck, and these Joris swung right will build and STRENGTHEN - and get this - relax the shoulders, traps, and upper body like never before if you do it right. 

And plenty more. 

REmember, less is more when training this way. 

There is not only an art to it, but a SCIENCE to it. 

And it will all be outlined in the book on .. ah, in Lumberjack Fitness, that book whose name causes SO much confusion. 


But I'll leave the name what it is! 

Last, not least, remember size and weight isn't necessarily the same as it would feel if you're parked on your ass lifting dumb-bells (emphasis on the first) - or on your back (flat) pounding out benches with easy to handle barbells. 

it's different. 

Trust me, and you'll see int he book- less is MORE. 

Ditto for shape. 

Difffernent SHAPES will tax your entire upper body differently with the weight distributions and such - again, an entire science to it I'll talk about in the book which many are waiting for with, as a customer put i t - BATED breath! 



OK, I'm out. 

Back soon!


Rahul mookerjee

PS - Remember, this book will be real man training x 100 - NOT for beginners or even intermediate folks - it'll be an ADVANCED Book. 

If you are starting out, do so here FIRST - and keep at it for a while - and then, and only then get this (when it comes out). 

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