Friday, 18 June 2021 11:15

The Indian Club workout that left my legs weak (and shaking)

Yes, my friend. 

I seem to love writing titles with hidden puns - and for some people reading this, the title might actually be a reality LOL. 

Like Marc once jokingly asked about a bracelet I was wearing back in the day (which the lovely wife took back a while - long while ago) ... (you can see the bracelet in the 0 Excuses Fitness Videos though) when I was getting ready for a suer tough sparring session for me - and an equally easy for him where he whooped my ass (hey, I got him ONCE though - LOL) . . .

"You can't wear that! Didnt you know you dont wear jewelry during sparring?" 

He was right, but I knew, but I had forgotten so a part of me had that damn bracelet become. 

Lots of girls liked it too -well, a certain Ashley did I know ... 

"You're right", I mused. "How do I take it off. I'm not sure if ... "

Since I was brain dead at the time, Marc laughed. 

"If it came on, it'll come off SOMEHOW!' 


As it did, he asked me the following. 

"What is that anyway, bro! A cock ring for your 10 inch cock?" 

He didnt mean Indian, but in 2018 he once referred to me as "an Indian porn star in India". 

Anyway ... puns aside, my legs are still shaking hours after the workout. 

All I did in this patented workout (and it WILL leave your legs shaking) was three things. 

Squats - jumping rope - and club work (I could have used maces too, but I used clubs). 

And I did some lunges and stuff - advanced stuff as will be in Advanced Plyometrics .... 

But for the most part, basic stuff as above. Even the jumping rope part, I did a 1000 and that was that. 

But believe me, these clubs and maces, my friend, when swung right tax the ENTIRE BODY - but especially the hips, legs and core. 

It's a workout truly like no other, even if you can pound weights until "kingdom come", these implements I talk about in the book will feel different. 

And yes, you can get not only a full body workout in with these - but solid cardio exercise as well. 

Solid "digestive" benefits as well - all the blood flow to the core will mean you can literally eat more, and weigh less

And digest better, of course. 

Anyway, that workout will be there in the book, but for now, a quick sample - try combine jumping rope with lunges - the second WITH a clubbell or club. 

Or mace 

Trust me, you'll want to go light on this one. 

Or, use it as a sledgehammer. 

I know that sounds undoable. 

But, it's very very possible my friend. Very possible! 

And I'll write more about it later, but for now, just an update - pre-orders for the book are alive and kicking on the Lumberjack Fitness page. 

Given the amount of stuff I keep thinking of to add to the book, this will be my best ever, I'm sure! 

And I'm also fairly sure the price may increase - and soon, at that. 

REmember though, all you pre-orders get 20% off - and the price is "locked in" - either for digital version or paperback, whichever you prefer. 

Go ahead and place your pre-order by contacting me NOW if you so choose, my friend. 

And be on th eoutlook for the book within a few weeks!


Rahul Mookerjee