Tuesday, 22 June 2021 06:39

Why I love training with ab rollers!

So, I received a new toy this morning!

One of those new fangled ab rollers - a perfect complement to the existing ab roller I already have at the house.

That one is a solid looking old ab roller with four small wheels, somewhat easier for beginners but not really.

This one?

The typical thing you'd expect from an ab roller - easy to take apart wheels, and two wheels, and a solid grip ... and thats that!

And both lend themselves to great workouts!

This is not about the patented ab workout I just had with it, and how I had to rush to the throne afterwards (though I'm not constipated, hehe).

It isn't even how on fire my already hard worked core feels like!

Note I said CORE .

Not abs.

Thats a thing roundly explained in Corrugated Core for one i.e. your core is more than just the six pack you see and covet.

That six pack is,, my friend, one of the most useless things ever in the overall picture.

Indian wrestlers for one, dont all have six packs, but any one of them could pick up a weightlifter (in general - I'm talking boobybuilders here) or average person and toss him out of the window without a second thought.

And if you're my buddy Charles reading this, let me tell you, my friend.

Picking someone up and throwing him around ain't all about strength.

It's about grip, core, and leverage, all of which come from the hips, legs and thighs.

Certainly not about how much you can deadlift.

Especially not when you're faced with someone that can counter it and hook you one to the ankle for one ...

But anyway, that aside, thats what I empashize in all my courses - CORE TRAINING!

Truly along with grip training, the most important thing you can do for yourself, and this isn't about the patented Rahul Mookerjee core torture workout you'll see in LumberJack Fitness.

It's about this ... while I've said in the past and continue to do so, that bodyweight is ALL you need and all the greats have needed down the ages to get in stellar shape and conditioning, SOME tools are helpful along with it.

You dont need 'em.

But they're the very welcome icing on top of the cake.

For years, I resisted the call of the wild, hehe.

That being, I resisted calls from people to put out a book on training with various odd objects and implements, but when John walker, a stellar guy from the UK asked me ?

I couldn't resist!

And a behemoth started, hehe. Might just rival 'Dinosaur Training' - another GREAT book (no, I'm NOT affiliated with Brooks Kubik, but he's an old timers and all time great, and i've mentioned him so often in my emails, and deservedly so!! Even in the book on recollections...) ... someday!

Or it might not.

But it'll be up there, I'll gurantee you, with all my other superb books.

But anyway, in Pushup Central there is an exercise which has been termed as 'Rahul humping the floor'.

And people dont even think it's a pushup, but it is.

Ab rollers, my friend, complement this perfectly because with the above exercise, simply doing it is tougher than most people can handle - seasoned gymmers fall FLAT on their noses when even trying it ... and it wil make your abs SIZZLE like nothing you've ever done before - work your grip like nothing else if you do it right - and of course, give you a lower back workout from Cain ....... but the roller?

The wheels add an extra dimension to the movement you simply cannot get with bodyweight alone.

And I cannot highly recommend training with such a thing enough.

Portable, light, inexpensive ...

Truly worth it!

Just like Lumberjack Fitness ... which is expanding by the minute like the Bozos' belly and ass, hehe.

You really DO want to get this, my friend.

Jump on over HERE, and lock in the special price while you can.

No, it wont last forever either!!


Rahul mookerjee