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What I keep telling my daughter about success

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The other day, I was talking about success

Or, actually - I dont think I was with my daughter. She mentioned something about (from what I gather) - "some app being too difficult to proceed in" - and was complaining up a storm over it. 

My wife and I gave her seperate and to me, completely conflicting advice. 

To me, it sounds like part a) (my wife's) advice was from one who watches "videos" all day long of this and that, and learns from the so called shamians and gurus who do nothing but talk up a big game - who have never DONE the thing themselves, and who of course after a few months get replaced by the next guru - because "no results!" - and b) mine? It was boring, it was practical, it was solid, it was NOT glitzy and glamorous, not instant results, and so forth ... 

"Because you need to think you can!" my wife went. 

Or so I "think" she said, so I heard ... 

Yours truly 

"Honey, what did I tell about the motherlode of all success?" 

"What is truly to the character of man as carbon is to steel?" 

PERSISTENCE ... she yelled back!

And that, my friend, is where the buck stops. 

Ultimately, you gotta do. 

In Pyscho Cybernetics, at the fag end of the book, DR Maltz mentons a case of a guy who dreamt and visualized until the cows came home (his dream was to work in a huge office in a skyscraper appparently) - but nothing ever happened. 

When Maltz quizzed the dude about what he had DONE to get there - guess what he said. 

"But I thought thinking would get me there!" 

(im paraphrasing what Maltz had to say on it)

THIS, my friend is the problem on BOTH ends for most of the self hel pworld. 

While yes, thought is where it starts, and ends, the fact is this - without persistence, dogged gumption, determination, all those unsexy characterestics, you might as well not START. 

Because without those attributes, you just wont make it. 

Read what Napleon Hill had to say on this in Think and Grow Rich

Look at what Mike Pompeo keeps emphasizing during his latest speeches i.e. GRIND!

(I can just hear the idiot and Bozos trolling up and down about "Rahul's Gurus that he learns everything from". Really, what jokers. Hehe- I mean the idiots that cannot see what someone has done NATURALLY their whole life even when it's placed right in front of them!)

(And what other say about him)

(Oh but wait ... "he doesnt have mansion on hill!" LOL. Not that I want one. Of course, now that I think of it....!)

(anyway, back to it)

Its that grind that ultmately wears down everything, much like water wears down rock. 

Persistence is that grind!

I cannot help but laugh - a certain China Tom Tommer (likely a paid CCP troll) was telling me "my cheap advice didnt help" 

First off all, it ain't cheap. I think even he would agree. 

Curiously enough, prices are probably what caused him to say that! 


That, and the unsexy parts of what I keep talking about, and emphasizing, and as for my daughter? 

She doesnt need more on self belief. 

She needs more of PERSISTENCE! 

Kids these days, well, we all know how they are pandered to ... 

Excuses made. 

And so forth. 

In our time, it was the opposite. 

How the clock turns, eh. 

But point is, persistence is something that has been required through the ages, and will be for as long as human kind exists. 

Fact, my friend. 

And one you cannot deny!

OK, so thats it for now. Off to get some tea and ... 

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Lots of you are sitting on the fence on that one. 

Jump off it now!

But remember, it requires persistence too!

It dont come easy, bro. 

I'm out - back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee