Friday, 09 July 2021 05:30

Why the "married" tag ain't half as important as the Nazi feminists try to claim

Did I ever tell you about the time, my friend - oh, wait, I believe I did! - when my wife claimed I was "gay" for not wanting/ wanting to have sex with her the way she wanted (if you get my drift)? 

I think I did. 

And while of course, it was yet one more of those guilt trips that Nazi feminists so love playing - remember, if a guy told you that? You'd punch him in the face and make sure he had no teeth left, hehe - but a girl? Women can get away with bloody murder, as a friend of mine recently told me, so they do. 


And the Nazi feminists that are fat, old, decrepit and ugly and expect men to "get it up on command for them"? 

As Marc the African Silverback Gorilla rightly once told me. 

"I mean, she's 40 plus, over the hill, and wants a house and car FIRST? Screw that!" 

"She's gotta turn ME on - it's not just lie there and do nothing!" 

Hey, I get it. 

Back in the day when I was 19, I bedded one of these types who did NOTHING at all in bed. I mean, nothing other than lay there with her phat ass and hope I got turned on (expect). 

The black dude next door to me introduced her to me - God knows why! 

He had a huge laugh about it later with a friend (I was there). 

Man, my buddy has been trying to dump her for AGES!

God only knows why that dude chose me to dump her on, hehe. 

Yours truly was as much of a caveman back then as I am now ... perfectly happy with my beer!

Anyway, she wasn't down with the lo lo initially if you get my drift, but I persuaded her. She did a terrible job!

Then the go go if you get my drift. 


A girl once told me "Try shoving a broom up your ass, then tell me!" 


It ain't quite like that girlie, not if you do it right ... 

I've written tomes on it as well. I wont give you the links here though, hehe. 

(unless you want - if erotica is your thang, or yours Mrs or whatever, let me know - I've got tons of it). 

But anyway ... 

Just lying there, doing nothing, expecting to be pandered to - I'd rather not DO it in the first place. 

Ditto for "teaching her about it" which so many men Tom Tom as being the holy grail of real man hood. 


Yes, I'd rather have one that hasn't bedded everyone in the hockey team already, other hand, if youve gotta tell her how to do it all the time, I dont know. To me, boring!

Mental matches is what its always been about!

Anyway, the gay thing? 

I've told my friends about it - Charles the former friend in particular. 

And hey. 

If my wife, or some woman, or any woman thinks I'm gay for reasons stated above, hey. 

Youve got my Freakbook, social media etc. 

By all means post away there! 


"He's gay! He just wants the married tag!" 

For a guy that has more notches on the bedpost than most could dream of for starters. 

But second, the tag? 

Like what effing good does it do me, my friend. 

If I even have it now!

One second it's married, other second its not. Nazi feminists cannot make up their mind about what they want, ever!

I mean, I was very honest with my "wife" - I wanted to move in FIRST - see how it goes FIRST - and then commit. 

As anyone anywhere in the world would do - India included. 

For some reason, "that wasn't her culture". 

Now yeah, if you're reading this about 50 years ago, or if you're reading this in ancient Victoria in the time machne Jeff Bezos designed (not, hehe) - then great. 

I get it. 

If you're part of the crowd that, as "Ole Guss" said in Basic Instinct "boy when that girl mates, it's for life!" (curiously enough the bad boys was whom she mated with!) belives in "in it for life, even if the other person changes to an extent you never thought possible", or if there are financial reasons, or if you dont want to rock the boat or whatever, thats perfectly fine by me, 

Fact remains though, "trying" before committing is the smartest thing to do. 

Even the sheeple do it. 

And if you get married, it don't workout, you divorce. You end the relationship. Simple. 

And no, you dont do it "when it's convenient for you" either, and you dont do it in a "you pay me for the rest of your life" sense either. 

I swear, like Marc once said. 

"Women shit out a couple of babies, then think we owe them the rest of our lives". 

I can just hear the Nazi feminists scream "he's your guru!" 

First it was Trump, then him, then Napoleon Hill, then anyone I have a conversation with or dream of. 

Ever wonder why THEY talk to me? 

"This is why I like talking and discussing things with you, Rahul! You have a lot of goddamned common sense!" 

Sage, said by Marc. 

So does the Trumpinator. Hehe. 

I never quite understood whats wrong with learning from someone anyway. 

The greatest successes in the world did exactly that - LEARN - while the world guilt tripped around 'em ... 

And while this would be a great place to Tom Tom who YOU should learn from fitness wise, I wont for now. 

But tags. 

Married tag ? 

Here is what women these days ask. 

"Why aren't you married!" 

And if you are? 

"Why are you talking to me?" 

Questions galore, but they'l never answer why THEY talk , hehe. 

Precisely these and other emotions are what yours truly "guru" used to notch up the number of notches on my bedpost I could care a fig leaf less about. 

But they're still there, with proof ... 

But really, women in general want an ATM machine. Married or not is secondary. 

You have money, all is good. 

And if you dont, you better be ready to be single, and commit to her, and her alone, and of course, the pestering starts from day one. 


I'l stay away!

I'd rather a divorced tag, or (even better) - toxic male. 

Some other tags I'd LOVE - and do have - 

Mr Handstand Pushup

(Course linked above will turn YOU into that to!) 

A SUPER STUD at pull-ups "pull up champ Papa"

(ditto for the link). 



A movie star ... 

(link ...) 

(believe it or not, even the "wife" that hates me with a passion never seen until the PAssion of the Christ (ugh, what gore!) said this "No movie director would think twice about hiring you!) 

(With long hair, which she so hates. Logic, anyone? Hehe)

And so forth. 

ANd of course, the Lumberjack tag as well. 

Come to think of it, there's plenty more, but I wont list 'em here. 

Out for now - remember, PLACE That pre-order, folks - I'm telling you, you'll complain about price later, but right NOW is the time to lock it in - if you want a discount, just ASK! 

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dont just say "so what". 

I mean, my fingers get weary of typing it. 

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Takes about 2 minutes of your time, my friend. Costs you nary a penny if even that . 

So, just do it! 

Kindly just review, hehe. 

I so love that uppity sounding word, it gets - RESULTS!

I'll be back!


Rahul Mookerjee