Friday, 09 July 2021 15:09

Why the sensible male should ALWAYS invest solo

Even if you're married, or in a relationship, or what not. 

Or, learn from Trump. Hehe. He makes it a point to sign pre-nups before ANY sort of cohabitation .... 

... and he's right, yet ... 

... he seems to get screwed over to the tune of millions or hefty amounts anyway by his various ex's. 

He's gone through three thus far has the Trumpinator, but much like yours truly, I'd be Trump's "bedpost notches" number is way, way higher than he lets on. 

Of course, if you believe idiots like over the hill Stormy Daniels, and other Nazi feminists (curiously enough who work in porn, yet the very men that watch porn are the ones to blame. Fuck that! If there ever was a case of NOT goose and gander, it is this right here!) ... he was no good in bed. 

His "mushroom" you know what even made it to Jerry Springer or what not!

Coincidence or not, I dont know, but her lawyer - or one of them - was recently sentenced to prison for something. 


Anyway, enough said on that, but my point is simple. 

ANYTIME you have joint assets, my friend, down the line it is asking for TROUBLE - unless you are the "primary" owner of that joint asset, and even then, it's asking for trouble. 

A great example of this? 

In the movie "Flight" (2012), where the great Denzel Washington plays a drunken pilot (or a pilot with a drinking problem, albeit a BRILLIANT pilot otherwise), they show him landing up drunk at his ex's house. 

His son shows up to "fight him away" from the house. 

Denzel laughs, while enveloping the kid in a bear hug. 

"Oh, you're the MAN of the house, eh!" 

The kid and Mama start to whine (kid egged on by Mama). 

"Get out of this house! Just leave! You're not welcome!" 

Denzel laughs drunkenly. 

"Get out? OK ! Out of a house that ... (there is a pause) ... I paid for!" 

And therein lies the irony, friend. 

A man works all his life, pays for everything - and ANY time the chips are down - he gets kicked by women in the nads (figuratively). 

(Not the sort of kick the Bozo likes. You get my point!) 

The only joint asset I ever had with my wife was a bank account which I rarely, if ever use, but the way that was set up was that even if I tried, she couldn't be the primary owner for the account (some silly way the bank has it structured, yet, that traditional way works best sometimes!). 

Other than this? 

ALL our investments were paid for me in FULL - again, by me. 

Yet, every time I've needed money, you think I got anything? 

Fat chance!

True, I've used SOME of the investments I've made myself on a "solo" basis for JOINT affairs - such as traveling to China. Such as investing in businesses which the Mrs was interested in too, of course, once there was the chance to do any real work, she complained. 

And yet, ultimately, when I needed money - if I ever did - you think these women woul dhelp? 

Do the fair and square thing? 

No way!

When asked about "why not", and why they get to have their cake and eat it too their response is "you're the man! You should earn!". 

Fair enough. 

But then why are there so many men out there shouldering the bulk of the housework as usual? 

Why is it that every time a man wants something for himself, it has to be "approved" (not in my case, but ...) - but when a woman does, nothing doing? 

It's not fair, my friend - and while Nazi feminists in general hide behind the abusive male BS - the fact is they themselves are more abusive and detrimental to relationships than they realize. 

"I'm not sure if she realizes how destructive she has been to your relationship!" 

Sage words, and they ring out in my mind even now ... 

Of course, they were said by a friend, and I'd been saying the same damn thing over an dover again. 

Long story short - keep your financial distance from women, my friend - and your INDEPENDENCE too. 

Because mark my words, and my wife said this herself so many times ... 

Women TAKE money! They dont give money! 

Yet, they take more than just money, my friend. They just won't admit it. 

The smart man doesn't just invest in pre nups etc - he doesnt get married, period. 

You might think thats extreme, but try the single lifestyle with no stress, doing what you want, when you want, with no drama. 

Waking up when you like, drinking beer all day long if you so choose, with NO-one around to pester you for inane nonsense. 

And of course, attracting all the women you want. Hehe. If you know how! 

And pissing off Angie's and the Nazi feminists galore. 

Believe me, as a great customer John once told me. 

"I used to think the MGTOW guys were "out there" now I think they are the smart ones!" 

So true, myf riend. 

So true!

My only beef with the MGTOW guys? Or the philosophy? 

I wouldnt even call it beef, I'd just say ... we do "need" women from a sexual sense. But thats about it, friend. 

Certainly no long term relationships or any of that nonsense, not the way society is these days! 

MGTOW! All the way! 

And financial freedom and indepedence, my friend is the lesson to take away from this email. 

Last, but not least remember that success my friend is like a roundabout in that you LEARN from those that have been there, done that before you. 

Much like fitness, of course!

You keep getting on the roundabout, and one day, it will be YOUR turn to steer it too!

And in terms of success, a great little book to learn the fundamentals is right here - Zero to Hero!

No wonder Google has displayed that FIRST in their knowledge panel they so kindly created for me. Hehe. 

And fitness wise? 

Remember, the clock is ticking. 

In FIVE more days, the price for Lumberjack Fitness goes up- up - UP now! 

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Not to mention, of course, that this book is unlike any other I've put out before, and will truly be my BEST EVER!

So do the smart thing - invest now - and lock your price in for what it is NOW - and I'll make sure to keep you updated on how it all goes! 

Alright, my friend. Enough for now. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee