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The silence that speaketh VOLUMES...

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This morning, my friend, I was talking to Gorilla Girl Sophia expressing my frustration over this bloody Wu Flu, and how people and governments globally have bought into the "panic" demic basically. 

From fear to continued lockdowns that kill more than anything else does (economies, therefore people by extension), from jumping up and down about a silly little virus that is no more a threat than the common flu is, from blathering "doom and gloom" to everyone over something that kills FAR LESS Than again - the common flu and other diseases did globally ... and of course, the panixines that don't protect you againt the disease, the silly quarantines globally, the idiotic travel restrictions and requirements, and so forth. 

Like be done with it already, as I told Sophia. 

She didnt understand initially. 

"what are you talking about", I asked. 

I shook my head in bewilderment. Remember, China ain't open fully either despite what the Tom Tom's blather on about! 

They ARE shoving vaccines up your ass though - quite literally. 

And the Bozo would love it , of course. Him of the "Schofield ended up in emergency room because he took Trump's advice on injecting bleach "a bit too seriously"" but then again, to Glyn Bozo, this sort of thing "rectal invasion" as I like to call it, is "normal". 

So it is in the PRC, where COVID tests are done that way. UGH!

Anyway, I explained. 

She got it. 

"do you hate the chinese government", she casually asked. 

Now, I'm a tad suspicious of answering questions like this on wechat, pretty much because a) I wasn't really bitching about the ccp to her, I was bitching about the global PANIC! and b) because "you never know who might be a mole, or sold the foreign devil out" (not because they want to either). 

Trust me, things have become a lot more serious in that regard in China since mid 2020 or so, which is when the world started to wake up to the reality of China, and China did the exact opposite, of course, in terms of spreading an alternate reality - or trying to. 

They didnt succeed, as they never do. The Chinese people in general aren't stupid. 

"Never honest, I dont like!" was what Carol once told me about the See Xi Pee. 

And Sophia today? 

"no. Not mostly! Too much lies!" 

And shes right. 

I explained that while they did SOME good things, they did way more bad than good. 

"can you tell me some truths", she went. 

And I explained it all to her, as I always do, though I suspect she knows most of it already (especially her question on "do many countries hate china"). 

But I told her. 

And then .. DEAD SILENCE. 

Nothing at all. 

No response!

Now, this isn't necessarily because my WeChat is being monitored - though it could be. It ain't that she's a mole - she's not. 

point is, discussions. 

And when you spend a lot of time typing something out, you expect the other person to get back with ... SOMETHING!

To test this out, of course, I messaged Jassy, another person I've been chatting with this morning, and of course, once we started talkikng about the plague? 

Dead silence. 

Carol - same. 

Now, to be fair, and as I've said before, I've never bothered two hoots about politics before, even though I knew the reality of the CCP way more so and way before the rest of the world did. 

Hey, its a matter of where I LIVE! Lived too, for so many years, more than many would ever think! 

But what they did in late 2019 was truly more than the tip of the iceberg, and I couldnt stay silent. 

Lots of people have stopped responding to my messages, or deleted me, or worse. 

Which is fine 

I doubt most of them want to do it. 

Though a certain Brit running a pub in China last year "Mate, I have to distance myself from you! Just SEEING your posts might get me in trouble!" probably did want to. Hehe. 

But really, just "seeing my posts" wont cause trouble, no more than it usually does. 

But China is pulling out all the stops now, so who knows. 

What I DO know is this - theyre the least open of any goverment I know. 

And so, with them, you never know. 

You could be talking on WeChat about this for years, think you flew under the radar, then next time you show up in HK - BAM! They put you in for 10 years or more. 

Or, you could think you're being monitored. When no-one is monitoring you, because the See Xi Pee does nothing without reason or (and) gain of some nature, usually either financial or "to make an example". 

It's the veil of secrecy that people are scared of. 

Ask people what they REALLY think, and you'll hear the REAL STUFF ABOUT CHINA!


They just can't say it. 

Which I get, hey... 

But anyway, other than from Bozo Schofield, whose latest madcap madness is "I want to wear panties and kiss your wife's feet (ugh)" I have not heard back from many of YOU over the past few days!

Lets change that, hehe. 


I've said this so many times I'm starting to wonder if it should not only be inscribed on my tombstone when I go - but in bold and red, hehe. 

They really help - the reviews. 

So do get back to me, and leave reviews. 

Do also get back to me with feedback or whatever - no reason for the deafening silence on this group for one!

And that, my friend is that. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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