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Smoking, frigging, drop dead... HOT!!!! A perfect 10 or 20 or maybe 100!

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Anne, my friend, an ex of mine from back in the day is one of these women that you never truly forget - and that never forgets YOU!

And she's just I dont know... one of these women that doesnt age!

Purr-fect match for a dude like me that doesnt eitgher, hehe. 

But Anne's not huge on workouts, so I dont know, but anyway, I saw a picture on wechat. 

She's trying to move a fridge. 

She can't! 

"Refrigrator cannot pull to open, still have to cook to eat, such a woman cannot have steel". 

I dont know, thats what it translated to, in a brand new house it seems... 

(she's married now). 

but, goddamn!!!!

As the Bozo so trolled me, Holy Smokin Jesus, Joseph and MARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Lookin at that cute little girl standing there in short, legs on ful display, who gives a rats ass about fridges!

Hey, thats what guys with GRIPS are there for!

Here is what I posted on Wechat - perhaps not the most "sanguine" of posts, but I had to! 

(and there is a reason I mention this) 

"Anne, you'll give me wet dreams. SMOKING HOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" 

She is! Was! And always will be, hehe. 

PERFECT 10! StilL1

Holy Mary, Anne. How could I make that mistake, and how could you. 

You dont need to pull anything except, well, you know... 

I'l lift and pull heavy things!


Gotta say it again. Goddess!

Anyway ... 

Goddesses aside, this post might be of interest as to WHY I wrote what I did - but really, I just did it. It's true, that I'll tell ya!

And trust me, Adam and Eve know each other very well on this one. HEhe. 

So whats the mistake you ask? 


Well, it ties into WHY I'm telling you this!

And the "email blitzkrieg" comment, my friend. 

Because 1) taking action is where the rubber HITS THE ROAD!

Way too few people these days take - action!

And it has to be said - repeatedly. 

But second, more importantly - COMMUNICATION!

Is always key, and the only thing that ultimatlely matters to me. 

Life. Relationships. Hot women which I attract like bees to honey or moths to a flame, take your pick - I used the latter expression on another site, but they both hold true. 

And books - and writing! 

Anne was an ex. 

Everything was great - in bed and outside. 

Except... She didnt speak English. Not a word. 

I didnt speak Chinese. 

Neither one of us were in the least bit interested in learning each other's language - not in bed, hehe. It wasn't needed there!

And talking, well, Wechat translate can only go so far!

But she did give me a book on learning Chinese which I made a gift of to Marc the African Silverback Gorilla. Wonder if he ever cracked it open. 

She was right in a way - and she was wrong. 

I was right - and wrong. 

Thats one of the decisions I made - to leave her - after the nth misconmmunication etc - I keep scratching my head over. 

She keeps apologizing for it too. 

Of course, Madam had a Chinese guy on the side "waiting in case I didnt work out". 

So she rushed off and married him! Hehe. 

But thats OK. I'm used to it.  I never wanted to marry her anyway, deep down inside, doubt she did either! 


Maybe she did. I dont know. 

SMOKING HOT describes the relationship on either side!

Anyway, studs and studdettes aside, that should tell you just how important communication is for me, why I write to you and so forth. 

and if you so choose, follow me on Twitter. 

I'll post the "Goddess's pic" there - she won't mind one damn bit! 



Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Truly made my legs quiver, all three of them. Hehe. 

PS #2 - Bozo wil have kittens. Poor chap! 

PPS - Pull-ups from STUD to SUPER STUD - well, them workouts - well, enough said!