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The difference between a know it all Bozo and a DOER!

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And, of course, why learning from a know it all Bozo and an armchair wanker that does "F all" is a recipe for disaster. 

I ain't even talking Schofield here. 

Bozo Schofield is past being a "know it all". He's in the Universe of "dont even consider". Hehe. 

But I still remember, one of the shining, stellar, oustanding (not) reviews he left on Pushup Central. 

"a book pishups. Really! Boring. Poorly written too". 

Given the Bozo's fascination with nasty bodily fluids and excretions - I've got to wonder and wonder then if he left the misspelling in on purpose. 

Knowing his utter lack of knowledge on real marketing, probably not. Probably meant to say "piss ups", since pissing up beer bottles and then of course into the sewers is about all the Bozo can manage to do, if he can find someone to buy him the beer. 

The archetypical BUM on the street except this one, well, he loves bums too. 

You BUM!

 I still remember Rocky saying that. 

GEt a job, you BUM!


Bozo never will. 

But the know it all's - they never cease to amuse me. 

You hear it all the time, for instance, for those that successfully sell and market. 

Their "haters" (usually the know it alls) will prattle on about "oh, thats simple!" 

"Oh, of course, just marketing!" 

Politics wise. 

"Oh, but theyre politicians, they can do it, they can get away with it, we can't!" 

I swear, for instance, every time you tell the Bozo something he nods his fat nut as if to say "I know"! 

But while he may or may "know" some things, what does HE DO? 

Jack all, exactly. 

Well, I should not say the word jack around him. 

But basically, he ain't alone. 

Look at the armchair experts, their numbers only growing by the day claiming and making tall tales about "this is how you do something". 

The nuts who whine about "what do you know, you're just a one man show!" 

But what have these Wackos done? Have THEY ever been a one man show? NEVER EVER! (and no, depending on your woman for everything and the hard bits for you while you be a monkey ain't one man show - it's DEPENDENCY x1000!) (if the person who told me that really wanted to be a ONE MAN SHOW, do what yours truly does, has done all his life, THEN TELL ME!) 

Hell, one man show aside, have they ever done ANYTHING OF NOTE IN THER LIVES? 

Other than pass snide comments. 

Liberals, anyone??

And claiming to tell you "all about the secrets President Trump used to market himself", or some other utter rot. 

President Trump used a secret to market himself? 

It's so blindindly obvious, this secret, if at all it is, that I feel compelled to say what Napoleon Hill did all those years ago in Think and Grow Rich

You will find the secret in EACH page of the book, each chapter. 

It will jump out at you!

SOMEWHERE within the pages of this book you'll find the words that will "arouse" the seedlings of success in you (not the Bozo seedlings, hehe) 

I could tell you this secret now but that would deprive YOU of much of the beneift you would get if you found it youself. 

And soforth ... I'm "short paraphrasing" the great Hill. 

Napoleon Hill, though my hill is every bit as great too. 

I think I've earned the right to call it "mine" in many ways!

I've been there with it through thick and thin, when too many people have been on it, when no-one has, when the weather has been so hot nary a bird moved, when it felt like fire breathing into my lungs, when it was pouring in category 3 or 4 hurricanes ... when trees were crashing around me... 

I've earned the right!

And you'll read more in 16 Inspirational Fitness Recollections along those lines. 

Anyway, the know it alls will say "so what! Just recollections! We dont want this!" 

But again, have these idiots and Tom Tom's put out anything of their own? 

Written a single line? 

DONE anything of note with "what they know"? 

It's easy to be a spectator and comment, friend. 

The big money only goes to the PLAYERS THOUGH - both in sports - and in life - and in business. 

Sure, knowing how to do and learning from the right person - uber important. 

But you have to ultimately DO, friend. 

DOING is where the rubber meets the road. 

Fitness wise, if Bozos snort and say "just pishups!" 

Well, yes, just pushups it is - but can YOU do them? even 10 of them? 

Slowly, proper form? 

Hell, can you even get into - and STAY in the pushup position or dip position or any position that doesn't involves hindquarters in air like the Bozo's without quivering like an aspen maple leaf in Toronto? 


The answer to that question will tell you a lot ... 

Anyway, I'm out. 

But ponder this!

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS - Oops, almost forgot to say. PLenty of "hindquarters up in the air" in 0 Excuses Fitness System, except not the type you might associate with the Bozo. It's real man training, and it DOES help you in the sack too (thats  yet another reason Bozo can't do much with the pittance down there he's been gifted - not - with - he's just too damn FAT to even move properly, let alone move his you know what). 

Tongues are about the only thing that move for the Bozo. 

Anyway, here is a course that is guaranteed to resolve any and all problems in bed if you have 'em NOW - Animal Kingdom Workouts

YES, you'll truly turn into a BEAST in ALL regards if yo uget this. 

Do so now friend. Truly the best! (for the best)

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