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Through thick and thin, until death we might part .... and why I think I've earned the right to call Qi Feng Mountain mine!

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I can just hear the Tom Tom's and their tongues wagging. Hehe. Especially if they read the last blast. 

But really, I've earned the right - to call Qi Feng mountain "mine", I think. 

Now, before you think thats out of some insane urge to "keep an entire mountain" for myself (though it might be nice, hehe. I'd reintroduce some real wildlife on to it, and wouldnt let the Chinese gobble it all up!) 

But it's not out of "mountain lust". Hehe. 

Hell, I enjoy the gals on it for one! 

But this reminds me of ... well, first off, the irritation and annoyance I'd having during Chinese public holidays where the whole of China, for instance, seemed to have crowded intot he free park. 

So much for the myth of China having more money than Croesus...

And on the highways - for the first three days - when it was free (no tolls - thats something in China which is unique as far as I know, no highway tolls for the first three days of any national major holiday). 

I should know. Hehe. Remember that road trip?? And others? 

But anyway ... being a foreign devil in a crowd of Chinese is annoying. 

Regardless of how much the CHina Tom Tom's tom tom the Chinese as having become global, nothing has really changed in terms of "pointing fingers at" or "making comments about" or "remarking about why his eyes are brown and not blue because how can "Englishman from NY" as they called me have brown eyes" and other rubbish ... 

It's still a giant village in many regards, and you know how much I hate being pestered during my workout!

Maybe thats why I specifically always chose to go there during the DOWN TIMES. The off times. The hot as heck "afternoons", the rainy season, the ... 

But before that, I should say - unless I had a product to create! Hehe. 

Advanced Hill Training was created right smack in the middle of Lunar New Year 2018. 

Pull-ups - from STUD to SUPER STUD! followed shorty thereafter, as did Battletank Shoulders!

(now that I put in the links, I'm not sure. Maybe the book on pull-ups was right "before the holiday", a couple of days, or maybe after... either way, you get the point). 

But the hill, anyway ... 

It reminds me of marriage vows, whatever those are. I've never taken one. 

(I did mosey six times or whatever around an annoying ass fire in India though - apparently thats the "test of fire" or Agnee Pariksha in India - which is great form a culture standpoint, sitting in it, with uncomfortable clothes, lard ass "priests" goggling, and the damn smoke stinging your eyes! - hell, I remember the JOY when it was out of there and on to the bar with my new wife. Hehe) (and only one, dont worry!))... 

But, till death do us part or whatever ... 

hey, I respect those that took the vow and stick to it, dontget me wrong. 

but for me, I Dont think I can ever call a wife mine, nor would I want to. 

Girlfriend, hell yes. 

But nothing more! 

I grow weary of telling the Tom Tom's NOT to marry. 

Anyway, they will never listen. So if someone wants to jump headlong into a pit of vipes and snakes, by all means!

But anyway ... 

I was on the hill during the hottest part of the day - when no-one would dare to come out, and even the birds hid. 

When it was so damn hot it was lik ebreathing FIRE climbing up that hill. 

When there was NARY A SOUL but me on the hill - early in the morning in biting cold at 5 AM - and also ar 630 PM "dinner time for Chinese as Carol said" - and when it was so cold the rain felt like SNOW - x 100. 

I was there the first time it snowed on that hill in YEARS in 2015. 

I have done every workjout on that hill. People, no people, annoyance, no annoyance, nothing doing!

I've done my pull-ups there galore. Pushups. I found a "spot" outside the bathroom - well, the building, to do ... you got it! 

Handstand pushups!

"Find a spot", I still remember my buddy from the Marine chuckling at me once night while drinking in a market in Nancheng. 

We found a spot. 

I pity the poor people who lived nearby! 

But thats China fro you - still. Hehe. 

Dont get me wrong. 

They've made giant strides since the 1940's, better than India for one, but you'll routinely still see people pissing on the highways, because as Carol once told me "if no toilet, where to go!" 

(I wonder how klong the poor ladies hold it in. Us men, well..!) 

So the idiots that make a big deal out of foreigners pissing on the road in Shanghai, well, get real. Goose and gander. 

I could and have made a big deal out of the Chinese lady that put her feet up at a Starbucks - on the table - and spat at a man that told her to take 'em down or the NAzi feminists slapping men at the border - in full view,and the Schofield wimps taking it. 

(and loving it). 

I could tell you ALL about the Chinese woman that took a dump in a subway station in Shenzhen, China. 

It's on CCTV too. Hehe. 

I could tell you about the ones changing nappies on - ugh - the TRAY TABLES in trains and planes! 

It's horrible!

My point - it ain't just foreign devils. 

Look for the truth, friend, you'll see it every damn place if you so choose but not if you're a bloody China Tom tom, of course. 

Back to it though. 

Name a time, and I've been there on the hill. 

With it, on it, along with it, when NO-ONE ELSE HAS BEEN THERE, and the entire world has, and in between. 

"You workout, thats all you do! It's your life!" said my friend in 2017. 

Nah. I did a lot more, but YES, that workout has ALWAYS been a huge part of your life!

So it should be for you. 

And you'll read all about it in 16 INspirational Fitness Recollections

Hell, you may even and probbaly will see a second VOlume out on the way!

And I'm out. 

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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